Pool Liner Install

by Nick
(Lee's Summit, MO. USA)

Is there anything that I need to know about buying an above ground beaded pool liner, I was told by some of the local companies where I live that most liners bought through the mail and on the internet are not good liners and the seams tend to rip and, or, tear and they are seconds and come with defects when they are sent.

I'm not scared of the install, just want to make sure that I buy a good liner. Any suggestions on certain brands? Should I use a pad underneath, wall foam, pool cove?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Nick.

Internet liners are not flawed, defective or seconds, that is just not true. They may not be as good a quality as a name brand that cost twice as much, but they are still a good value. Most of these liners are made by just a couple different companies and they are all about the same quality.

Keep this in mind when comparing prices. A 25 gauge liner, like the ones sold on the internet, is about the same thickness as a 20 mil liner you would get at the pool store. They are just two different ways of describing a liner. I would stay away from the 20 gauge liners because they are very thin, about 16 mil.

Beaded liners can vary a lot in size, and they will not all fit your pool the same. If your pool manufacturer makes a liner for your pool, and if the price is reasonable, that's the one I would go with. That is assuming the one that came with the pool fit properly.

Wall foam is nice if your wall is rusty or rough with calcium deposits. It is also a nice insulator if you heat your pool. It is, however, an extra expense that most people do without.

If you are looking for a softer, less abrasive base for the liner a pad would help. If your current base has never caused you any problems I would leave it the way it is. The same goes for the pool cove. Pool cove is great for display pools and pools set on concrete. If you have never had a problem with your cove washing out then it is probably just fine the way it is.

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Pool Liner Install

by Tom

I am installing a replacement 18'x33'x52" Swim Line above ground pool liner. I have it in the pool area with a few inches of water in the bottom. The bottom seam is near the side walls but the seam on the far ends is about a foot from the ends with only a 2" overlap.

I measured the bottom seams and the width is fine at 18', but the length is 31'. I think they put the wrong size liner in the box. Is it supposed to be so far from the wall and let the water stretch it. This is what the R&S pool place told me?

Hi Tom.

It is very common for liners to appear small like you describe. They do need to be stretched into place on a warm sunny day. My method is to stretch the liner in over top of the completely assembled pool and let the sun and the water do the stretching and also remove the wrinkles. When the water is just a couple of inches from the side wall I remove the rails, a few at a time, and put the liner in place. If done this way you should have enough liner to overhang on the ends.

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Too Much Liner When Tucking

by Gregg
(Allen, TX)

I have about 12 inches of liner to tuck back into pool after coping is installed. It seems to not want to lay flat when I'm trying to tuck it in, can I trim it?

Hi Gregg.

I have never felt the need to trim the liner before tucking it. That does not mean it is not possible, just be sure to leave plenty left for tucking under.

If you have not read this page it might help.

Vinyl Liner Overhang

setting up an overlap liner

Normally if you set the liner up with cloths pins, like in the photos on that page, you can get the liner lined up pretty straight. If the front side is straight the under side will usually be pretty straight also.

I have had some under tuck that was kind of bunched up but it does not make that much difference. If the liner is pulled tight the water pressure will flatten most of it out. There is only a few inches above water level, and again, if the liner is pulled tight the little bit of bulging is not that bad.

You could always try it without cutting. If you really don't like it, drain some water out of the pool and do it over. The water would just need to be below the bottom of the overhung liner. It would then be fine to remove rails, cut the liner, and re-tuck it.

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New Pool and Liner

by Kristall
(Corinth MS)

We are installing a new pool and liner, the pool walls are completely level and at 24 foot. The liner however is 24 foot one way and the other way is 23'1". The 23'1" is the direction the seam runs, there are no wrinkles this direction. Why is it to short that direction?

Hi Kristall.

If this is truly the case you have a defective liner. With the liner laid out smooth, the outer seam should measure the same no matter where you measure it. The bottom section of the liner should be round. If this is not the case, and if it is causing you problems, you should contact the liner manufacturer and see what they say. Hopefully they will exchange the liner for you.

This page shows how I install most of the liners I do, regardless of whether they have deep ends or not.

Expandable Liner Installation

Stretching a liner into a pool in this manor should result in a quality job regardless of how round the bottom of the liner is. This method might be the answer to your problems.

Here are a few other pages about installing vinyl liners.

Overlap Liners

Beaded Liner Installation

Vinyl Liner Replacement

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When to Fill with Water

by Gina
( Coventry RI)

Hello, We are installing an on the ground pool,(Whispering Wind II) by Lomart.

We were told by an installer that we couldn't fill the pool up all the way for at least 24hours. Is that true? He said to fill it 24" with the hose...
then wait 24 hours before bringing in a truck to fill. Mind you he specializes in above ground pools, so not sure if this applies. I can't find it anywhere in the instructions to wait. Am I missing something? Oh just to be clear.... we are putting it in-ground I think 18" above. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi Gina If the installer was the one who installed the pool I would say he wanted plenty of time to cash the check, if not, not sure what he was saying. My only rule of thumb is to put at least a foot or so of water in the pool while it is in direct sunlight, or at least warm weather. Turning the water off near sunset and restarting the next day when the sun is up is sometimes a good idea.

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