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In this section of above ground pool Q and A I write about topics like where to store your above ground pool equipment, chemicals for your pool and installing an above ground pool on concrete.  For a complete list of questions about above ground swimming pools visit the questions index page.


29. I can't hear the stereo when I'm under water, what can I do?

There is only one answer, underwater speakers.

30. What is the best way to light my pool?

There are three types of pool lighting that I know of. The thru the wall lights for above ground pools are the most popular. The light replaces your existing pool return and acts as a pool return, water flow director and light. The second option is the over the wall version. You simply mount it under any top rail and it does a great job. They are usually less expensive and a lot easier to install. The newest method to come out are the floating solar lights. Being the least expensive and what looks to be a great idea it sure gets my vote. It looks like a great safety feature. Surround your pool with some solar yard lights and toss a couple of solar floaters in your pool, now that's romantic.

Lighting options to consider are:

  •  LED Pool Lights: LED pool lights are a popular and energy-efficient option for lighting above ground pools. They can be easily installed by screwing them into the pool wall or using a floating light fixture. LED pool lights come in a variety of colors and can be controlled remotely to create a custom lighting display.
  • Solar Pool Lights: Solar pool lights are another energy-efficient option for lighting above ground pools. They are powered by the sun and can be easily installed without the need for electrical wiring. Solar pool lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including floating lights and stake lights.
  • Halogen Pool Lights: Halogen pool lights are a traditional option for lighting above ground pools. They are brighter than LED or solar lights and can be installed in the pool wall or on a pool deck. Halogen pool lights require electrical wiring and can be more expensive to operate than other types of pool lights.
  • Rope Lights: Rope lights are a versatile and affordable option for lighting above ground pools. They can be easily installed around the pool perimeter or on the pool deck to create a soft, ambient glow. Rope lights are available in a variety of colors and can be controlled with a timer or remote control.

Ultimately, the best lighting option for your above ground pool will depend on your budget, lighting preferences, and installation requirements. Consider the size and shape of your pool, as well as the location of any nearby electrical outlets, when choosing the best lighting option for your above ground pool.

31. Can I install an above ground pool on concrete?

Yes, that is usually a very nice way to go. Hopefully your concrete is level. If not you will need to shim the low areas. Placing the pool on concrete will give you a nice smooth bottom and means you will never have to worry about vegetation growing thru your liner. There are two things I consider a must for this type of installation. The first is preformed pool cove. These are wedge shaped 4' lengths of Styrofoam. They cover the bottom rail of the pool around the outer edge. The second is some type of pool pad for the liner to rest on. Indoor outdoor carpeting works fine, or carpet felt or the pool pad sold by some dealers. If the concrete is off level consider building a wood frame and filling it with dirt that can be leveled, then add some sand for the liner to rest on.

Pool Cove  #ad

2. How should I store my pool equipment?

pool cleaner hose
Hoses, (vacuum, cleaner and backwash) chemicals and test kits should be kept away from children, pets and sunlight. A nearby shed works fine or a storage area built into your pool deck. If nothing else get some portable pool storage and get more life out of your pool equipment. For the long poles used for vacuuming or rescue devices you can get pole hangers and mount them on the sides of oval pools or a nearby wall.  When we are talking about winter storage, remove the filter system and move it to a place that is out of the freezing temps. If you don't have freezing temps leave it attached.

33. Can I get something besides a plain blue liner for my vinyl pool?

print vinyl liner
Vinyl liners come in so many shapes, sizes, styles and color patterns just about anything is possible. Plain blue will always be my favorite. Liners with patterns or prints look really nice when first installed. When the liner starts to fade or you get chemical stains here and there the prints and patterns can look really bad. Or they can fade away completely leaving just an ugly milky white look. One other thing to consider about print liners, never buy an overlap liner with a tile pattern around the top. It is impossible to keep the pattern even around the top. They wind up either looking lousy and lopsided around the top or full of wrinkles every where else because you tried to keep the top even. The photo on the left shows a beaded liner installed in a pool meant for a deck. This use of a tile top is fine. For me its plain blue, they are the least expensive and they look the nicest the longest.

34. What type of chemicals should I use in my above ground pool?

My method is really quite simple. I use a floating chlorinator filled with 3" tablets. By using your test kit every day for a short while you will find the perfect setting on the adjustable ring. Every couple of weeks the chlorinator runs out of tablets. At that time I put a bag of vinyl shock treatment into the skimmer and more tablets into the chlorinator. If the pool ever gets cloudy or green I add vinyl shock treatment and let the filter run for a couple of days, or until the water clears. I have found water chemistry to be very simple with vinyl pools. That is pretty much all I do but please remember I am not an expert in chemicals or water analysis. If you have someone at a pool store you feel you can trust then their advice is probably better than mine. But I always find it amazing the types of chemicals salespeople will try and sell you when all you need is a bag of shock it and to let your filter run a couple of days straight.

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