Reattaching Pool Skimmer

by Del Tague
(Pahrump, NV)

We just replaced our liner, and are at the stage of reattaching the skimmer.

I have been unable to find a whole lot of discussion on this, so I need to ask, is it advisable to use "silicone sealer" on the gasket(s), inside & out of the pool? Seems in my cleaning up of the skimmer parts, there sure was a lot of silicone sealer!

Anything else I should be aware of!

Thanks loads for the service & Have a super day, Del

Hi Del.

You should not have to use any silicone on your skimmer. New gaskets are usually needed, but that's about it. A properly installed skimmer should not need additional sealant.

You have removed sealer because the skimmer leaked at one time and that seemed like the best way to fix it. It's really not. The screws can be tightened or the gaskets replaced or reset.

Here is more information regarding skimmer installation and skimmer leaks.

Above Ground Pool Skimmer Installation

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Jun 09, 2013
Hayward sp1092 Skimmer
by: John


When mounting this skimmer to my pool it seems like there is like 3/4 of a inch from the mounting tabs to the front of the skimmer is this normal because of this my liner sticks out and is not flush to the wall where this skimmer is.

Thank for any help

Hi John If that is happening you may have the wrong size skimmer. The faceplate goes on the inside of the pool, flat against the liner and wall. The rest of the skimmer goes on the outside of the wall.

On a typical above ground pool installation the mounting brackets you are talking about are not used. The whole skimmer should not fit through the opening in the wall. If it is it may be the wrong size skimmer.

There are some types of inground vinyl pool applications where those mounting flanges are used. If the wall is plywood you cut the opening large enough for the skimmer to fit through and it gets attached with those flanges. A normal wall is about 3/4" which leaves the skimmer sitting in just about the right spot. I have seen some that stuck into the pool a little, but that was never a problem

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