Removing Buttress Straps

by Dave
(Las Cruces, NM)

I have a 15'x30' above ground pool with buttresses. The liner is bad and I want to replace it with an expandable liner so most, or all, of the pool is 72" deep.

I was thinking about setting the buttresses in concrete so I can eliminate the linking bars that go underneath the liner.

Can I do this? If so, what do I need to know or watch out for? How big of a footing should I pour?

Thanks much in advance for your advice.


Hi Dave.

Check this page.

Above Ground Pool Directions

It shows how I convert strap pools and it also has a photo of a strapless buttress design and how blocks are used to hold the assembly in place.

The important part is the addition of an L bracket of some type, something that will help the assembly grab onto the block, or concrete, and not slip through. This system, using 2 8x8x16 blocks, behind and under each one takes care of both the forces being applied to the braces.

Without the straps the braces are going to want to go straight out, as the pool fills the pressure also pushes out on the tops of the braces. The pressure pushing out on the top will cause the brace to angle out if not properly blocked from the underside. With this two block system both the blocks are used to keep the braces from pushing out and the bottom block keeps the brace from angling back.

setting the braces on a Doughboy pool

Once these blocks are in place concrete can also be poured around them for a little extra support. I have always used the blocks, without concrete, and never had a problem. Using the blocks allow me to be much more accurate with the leveling of each brace, making sure that each brace is level at the front, and the rear.

When doing your conversion plan to leave the pressure plates as they are on the inside of the pool. They need to be there. Your deep area can start sloping about 6" past the plates on each side.

Learn more about deep ends and expandable liners on these pages.

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