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This is where we bring you used above ground pools from all over the US and Canada.

Before buying a used pool it might be helpful to read my used pool buying tips.  There are many things to look for when you are out pool shopping.

Used pools can be a real bargain if you can find the right pool for the right price.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a used above ground pool is this, make sure the pool is up and running when you go to see it.  Unless you know exactly what to look for in a pile of parts you are better off seeing the pool set up and ready for use.

parts for used above ground pool
The same thing goes for selling a pool.  You are not doing your potential buyers any favors by taking the pool down, cleaning and neatly stacking the parts.  When the pool sells it is fine to work with the new buyer with the take down.  That way everyone knows for sure that are the parts are received in good condition.

Sell Your Above Ground Pool Here

Use my contact form to submit your used above ground pool information.  That will help me build the only place on the web where used pools are bought and sold.  I will list your pool for free and when it sells, let me know, and the listing comes down.

I have sold hundreds of used pools myself and have a very good idea of market value.  I have also shipped used pools across the country.  These pools were sold from this site with a few photos and a good description.

Keep that in mind when buying and selling.  Shipping is a reasonable option but good photos are a must when selling pools this way.  When I receive your pool information I will contact you asking for any photos.

As the pool listings for the 2020 season start rolling in they will be posted here.  Check back often.

This is a used above ground pool that I had for sale in Mesa Arizona.

15' x 30' Wilbar above ground pool with 52" wall. The pool was used just a few years and is in excellent condition. The pool includes a Hayward Pro Series sand filter with a 1 1/2 HP pump, a safety ladder and a new, in box, Doughboy brand liner. Other items included with this pool are a timer, pool light and cleaning equipment. The pool can be purchased one of three ways.

Pool and equipment only - $600.00

Pool, equipment and new liner - $1,050.00

Pool professionally installed in your yard - $2,500.00


used 15 x 30 above ground pool
Used Above Ground Pool


This pool was posted on 12-13-17 and is not still available.

Here are some of my top picks from Craigslist.  These used above ground pools are all in the right age and price group.  They are what I would be looking for. The listings are old and meant as examples only.

In South County there is a 15' x 30' Outback pool.  It is in excellent condition and is 7 years old.  It comes complete with all of the goodies.  They only want $500 for it.  This pool is on the outer edge of my ideal age so check closely for any rust.

In Caseyville there is a 24' round Zenith pool.  It is a few years old and they only want $650 for it.

Here is a 27' pool in Washington, MO.  They want $200 for it and it comes with a deck.

In St. Louis there is a 16' x 32' Doughboy brand pool.  This is one of my favorite models.  The asking fee of $1000 seems about right and they are looking for a best offer.

A quick look in Arizona brings a few results.  It also brought a good laugh.  A 15' round Tuff pool, four years old, for only $1800.  That price is way too high.

There is an Intex 16' metal frame pool for $200.  It is only a year old and located in Mesa.  I am not real crazy about soft side pools but this is a great deal.

This could be the best deal yet.  It is an 18' pool with all the equipment for $100.  I get the impression it was seldom used and in excellent condition.

There is one in Tampa Bay, Florida.  It is a 15' pool used less than a summer.  They are asking $150 for it.  The problem is they only paid $300 at Wal-Mart last year.  Stay away from pools that are too cheap to ever be assembled twice.

We will be splitting up into states real soon to make your pool search as easy as possible.  Get those listings in fast, pool season is almost here.



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