Window Awnings

Shade Where You Need It

You came to the right place for window awnings.  These awnings can provide shade, beauty and style to any home.  Awnings look equally well on a mobile home, travel trailer, business storefront, residential or custom home.  There are many choices to fit your needs.

aluminum window awning
Aluminum awnings are the most economical while the fabric type can be the most elegant and expensive.  Money, can of course be saved, by ordering the window awnings online and doing the installation yourself.  A free quote for a do-it-yourself kit can be obtained here.  Our contactors page offers suggestions for having someone do it for you. 

The louvered flex pan awning shown above is very versatile.  It can be ordered in three pieces, with extra flex pans for fill, and mitered around the front of a bay window.  They also install flat just as well.  Aluminum flex pans work for just about any type of shade.

Measure Your Window

Aluminum awnings work best if you allow about six inches on both sides of the window.  A four foot wide window would look best with a five foot awning.

Since most canvas awnings are closed at the sides they can fit the window a little tighter.  You should at least allow an inch on both sides for the brackets.

The projection and drop of the awning is mostly a matter of your shade needs and personal preference.  It is not uncommon for us to install an awning and have an unhappy customer when they sit in there favorite chair and find their view blocked.  Give special attention as to how big the awning needs to be.


Canvas type awnings are the easiest to install.  They are held in place with about five brackets.  You install the top brackets first and hang the unit over them, then the sides are installed.

Aluminum awnings have a few more parts and take a little longer to install. 


canvas window awning
Custom made fabric awnings offer the most colors including stripes, valances, stitching and other fancy stuff. A salesman will come to your home with a large catalog of colors and designs.   Made to order stock sizes are usually more limited when it comes to color selection. 

Aluminum awnings are more limited in color selection.  Custom orders will usually have about twenty colors to choose from while stock sizes may be just a few.

You can buy Window Awnings from the best shops on the web, right here.  Each style can be purchased in different colors and sizes.


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