Mobile Home Roof Material

These are suggested retail prices for mobile home roof material.

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These components are used to make this type of mobile home roof system.

The lumber is used to frame an area that will hold the foam.  It is then covered with a roof roll.  The roof roll is folded over the lumber and a drip rail is attached.


mobile home roof material
Mobile home roof systems can be installed over just about any type of roof.  It is very common to roof over shingled roofs and aluminum awnings.  The photo shows a Park Model and an awning with a new insulated roof system.


  Colonial White 2161   1.680 SF
  White 2162      
Aluminum Roof Roll-.018          
(4' Min Width) Col Wht Cedar Emb 2163   1.718 SF
(16' 4" Max Width) White Cedar Emb 2164      
  White 2166   1.923 SF
Aluminum Roof Roll-.024          
(4' Min Width) White Stucco Emb. 2168   1.946 SF
(16' 4" Max Width)          
Galvanized Roof Roll-30 GA.   2175   1.049 SF
(4' Min Width)          
(16' 4" Max Width)          
1 3/4" x 4' x 12' Foam   2253   32.034 EA
( 1# EPS )          
(14 Per Bundle)          
(Bundle Pricing Available-See Page 45)          
2" x 2" Lumber   2255 8' 4.180 EA
Drip Rail-Aluminum Mill 440 16' 0.950 FT
(800' Per Case)          
(Case Pricing Available-See Page 45)          
5" Roof Cap Galvanized 2257   12.008 EA

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