Post Connectors

Connectors and Safety Stakes

These are suggested retail prices for post connectors and safety stakes.

Aluminum awnings can be anchored to the ground in one of two ways.  The posts can be mounted to a concrete slab or they can be set in a post hole.

If you anchor your awning in the dirt you have a couple of options.  Steel posts can set directly in the hole and be concreted into place.  Be sure to be at least 18" down with your post hole.

Aluminum posts should be set on a steel safety stake.  The safety stake gets concreted into the ground and a column foot bolted to the top of it.  The post is then bolted to the safety stake.

safety stakes with post brackets
The photo shows safety stakes with post brackets attached.


Check with Mobile Home Parts & Supplies for posts and connectors.


Column Foot Mill 1601 8" 2.394 EA
Inside Column Clip Mill 1602   0.707 EA
(500 Per Case)          
(Case Pricing Available-See Page 43)          
Outside Column Clip White 1604   0.783 EA
(500 Per Case) Neutral 1605      
(Case Pricing Available-See Page 43)          
Large Safety Stake Black 1606   16.416 EA
(10 Per Bundle)          
(Case Pricing Available-See Page 43)          
KC Safety Stake Black 1609   6.209 EA
(25 Per Bundle)          
(Use With 3" Sq. Posts)          
(Case Pricing Available-See Page 43)          
Steel Column Adjustment Foot Black 1611   11.020 EA
  Neutral / White 1612      


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