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Suggested retail prices for aluminum awning post connectors.

When an aluminum awning is installed freestanding some of the posts need to be set in 24" post holes.

It is best if all of the posts are set in concrete but sometimes that is not possible.  In the RV parks it is a common practice to set four posts off the concrete on one side of the slab.  These posts are then buried in concrete.  The posts on the side of the slab where the trailer or park model sit are slab mounted.

Anytime posts on a freestanding awning are slab mounted you must use a 12" x 12" post base.  As long as some of your posts are in the ground these bases will add stability for the rest of the awning.


Check with Mobile Home Parts & Supplies for posts and connectors.


2 1/2" Round Steel Post Extention Neutral / White 1616   14.622 EA
3" Square Post Bracket Mill 1617   5.966 EA
(Includes Nuts & Bolts)          
3" Square Heavy Duty Post Bracket Mill 1619   21.584 EA
(Includes Nuts & Bolts)          
12" x 12" Post Base for 3" Post White 1623   79.724 EA
(Fits .120 Posts)          
12" x 12" Post Base for 4" Post White 1624   85.682 EA
  Neutral 1625      
3" Square Post Extention       22.998 EA
  White 1626      
(Fits .120 Posts)          


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