Shade Screen Material

The Right Screen For Your Shade Structures

Shade screen material comes in many colors and styles.  Words like 70% sun block or 80% sun block are used a lot.  All screens have their own sun reflective properties.  Shade screen can be made for exterior use or interior use.

Solar Screen (#ad)

screen room
Screen material can be attached in many different ways.  Screen can be rolled into a screen room, nailed or stapled to a wood structure, installed in screen frames for multiple uses or made into roll up shades.  Let your imagination go wild with screens when a little more shade is needed.

The screen in this photo is 80% Phifer Suntex.  It has great solar properties and very good outward visibility.  Click here to see screen prices.


Visit our solar screen page to learn more about shade screen material.  When using shade screen with a wood frame the screen should be stretched tight and stapled in place.  An outer wood frame can be nailed to the outside for decoration and to help hold the screen.  Use screen spline to attach shade screen to a screen room framing.  Spline comes in many different sizes so be sure the size matches your frame and screen.  Screen material rolled into a separate screen frame is also attached with spline.  These screen frames are my favorite ways of using shade screen.

framed shade screens
The frames can be attached to an existing structure like the photo at right.  This same type of screen can be used over windows on homes.  Home windows usually use a barrel clip to attach the screen frame.  In many other situations the screen can be attached with screws for a more permanent and secure attachment.

If you have questions regarding the use of shade screens  please contact us for a quick answer.

Shade screen material can also be used on the inside of your home.  Roll up shades made with screen fabric are used for many different reasons.  Below is a good video showing how to install inside shade screens.



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