Shade Screen Pictures

Ideas For Your Home

Here are a few shade screen pictures to give you an idea how nice they look and how they can enhance the beauty of your home.

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second story shade screens


These shade screens were mounted on the second story of this home.  They used screen mullion to duplicate the design of the window into the screen frame.  Notice how the frame color matches the home.


solar screen

These simple rectangle frames look very nice also.  This is a west facing window in Arizona.  The afternoon sun would bake this room without the solar screen.


shade screen with white frames


The white frames on this home provide a nice accent to highlight the windows.

custom screen mullion


I love the custom look the mullion has given this window.  The color also blends well with the pillars and the overall look of the home.

half circle shade screen


The custom half circle screens are a little tough to do but they sure look nice.  The color is a perfect match for this home.

custom shade screen


The top screen on these windows is again hard to do but what a great look.

Solar Screen (#ad)


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