Screen Rooms

Add More Enjoyment To Your Patio Cover

Screen rooms can add some valuable living area to most any patio. The screen frame material is available in several different colors to easily blend with any color scheme. The screen fabric is available in many different colors and types. The most popular screen for these rooms is the grey bug screen. Many types of sun screens are used in rooms also. It is common to use bug screen over the majority of the room and use the sun screen on one end.

Screen rooms usually have a chair rail installed in them at about chair height to add a little protection for the screen. Most screened in rooms also have kick plates installed to protect the bottom portion of screen from feet and pets. We have included some screen room pictures to give you an idea of some different ways this might work for you.


screen room with aluminum kickplate

screen room with vinyl kickplate


screen room with solar screen
Here are a few examples of screen rooms. If you are planning a do-it-yourself project check here for some Solar Screen. (#ad) To see a screen room being built visit Screen Room Parts.


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