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Are you thinking about becoming one of Arizona's snowbirds?  Or are you currently one?

I work in the RV Park industry, around the Mesa - Apache Junction, Arizona area.  I sell and install Awnings, Arizona rooms, sheds and privacy panels in RV parks and mobile home parks across the state.  Over the last twenty years in the business I have met a lot of great snow birds.  Just what are these funny kinds of birds?

A snowbird is someone who spends the winter months in a warmer climate than the one they call their permanent home.  Many birds keep their home residence because of business and family.  As these issues become less important many will move south and become permanent residence.

RV Park Shade

I am in the shade business.  Wherever you land in the south, part time or full time,  you will need us.  The sun can be brutal.  What can our products do for you?

Window awnings and shade screens.

  • Lower your utility bill
  • Protect your furniture from the UV rays
  • Protect your carpet from the UV rays
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Add to the beauty of your home

Awnings and Carport Covers

  • Lower your utility bill
  • Protect your home furnishings and valuables
  • Provide shade and weather protection for you vehicle
  • Makes the perfect cover for your deck and outdoor entertainment center
  • Provides the basic structure for adding sunshades and sheds

Use my contact form and let us know how we can help you with your shade needs.  We do installations all over the state of Arizona and have vendors that can ship our products all across the country.

CR Shades - Dennis Gourley - Sales - 480-935-2848


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