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Let's talk about your most wanted shade.  Shade can be found in so many ways.  There is temporary shade, portable shade, permanent shade and living shade, just to name a few of the different types.

Having spent many years in the shade business I have come up with my list of the 10 most wanted types of shade.

These seem to be the most popular items sold for the purpose of creating shade, and of course we have them all covered here at ShadeBuilder.

  • Shade Screens - It is amazing the difference they can make inside your home.
  • Carport Cover - They can shade your home and protect your vehicles.
  • Patio Cover - Again, they offer shade and they provide a weather resistant outdoor environment. 
  • Gazebo - Any form of this item can cover a hot tub, play area, BBQ area or a shade next to the pool.
  • Window Awning - Go beyond shade screens with sun protection and add beauty at the same time.
  • Garage in a Box - Protection for your vehicles and RV's.
  • Canopy - Provide temporary shelter for home and on the go.
  • Pet Shade - Don't leave the critters to suffer in the sun and rain.
  • Shade Sail - This ones new but very versatile.  See how it could work for you.
  • Window Shade - This all happens on the inside.  Blinds and so much more.

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Take a look around Shade Builder to find solutions for all of your shade dilemmas.

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Below are a few more ideas for shading your home starting with the outdoors.

  •  Trees: Planting trees strategically around your home can provide natural shade and reduce solar heat gain. Deciduous trees are particularly effective as they provide shade in the summer while allowing sunlight in during the winter when their leaves have fallen.
  • Awnings: Installing retractable or fixed awnings over windows, doors, or outdoor spaces can provide shade and protect against direct sunlight. Awnings come in various materials, sizes, and styles to suit different architectural designs.
  • Pergolas: Constructing a pergola with an open roof and cross beams can create a shaded outdoor area. You can train climbing plants or vines to grow over the pergola, enhancing the shade and adding a natural touch.
  • Shade Sails: These fabric canopies are stretched between anchor points to create a shaded area. Shade sails come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they offer versatility in adjusting the shade coverage.
  • Patio Umbrellas: Placing large umbrellas or patio umbrellas in outdoor spaces can provide instant shade. They are portable and adjustable, allowing you to move them as needed to block the sun.

Here are some ideas for inside your home.

  • Window Treatments: Installing window treatments like cellular shades, roller shades, or Roman shades with light-blocking or reflective properties can help reduce heat gain and provide shade indoors.
  • Blinds: Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or horizontal blinds can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. They allow flexibility in managing both light and privacy.
  • Curtains and Drapes: Heavy or thermal curtains and drapes with light-blocking or insulating properties can effectively reduce solar heat gain and provide shade when closed.
  • Window Film: Applying reflective or low-e window film to your windows can help block heat and UV radiation while allowing natural light to filter through.
  • Interior Shading Devices: Interior shading devices like interior shutters, interior blinds, or window screens can be installed to provide shade and privacy while allowing for ventilation.

It's important to consider a combination of outdoor and indoor shading methods to effectively reduce heat gain and create a comfortable living environment. The best approach will depend on factors such as your climate, the orientation of your home, and your personal preferences.

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