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Arizona Shade Builders are the contractors we work with to build shade structures and other types of contracting work.  We have very high standards when it comes to who we recommend to our customers, or who we contract with to get your work done.

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Price is an important factor with us, but not for the reasons you may think.  The company with the lowest prices is probably not going to be a company we want to be associated with.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to offer the best quality at the cheapest price.

Quality is our most important factor in who we choose to work with.  If the jobs are not the absolute best, Shade Builder does not want to be associated with them.

Customer service is next on the list of importance.  I do not want to hear bad things said about a company that was referred by this web site.  Customer service can be things like how polite are their phone manners?  Were all of your questions answered?  Was the salesperson, and the installer, on time or were they always late?  Did they take care of any problems in a timely manner or did they take your money and hide.  These are not the kinds of things we want to hear from our customers, we want only positive comments.

Have you had a bad experience in the past with a contractor?  Would you like to share it?  Maybe you could keep someone else from having a similar bad experience.  We have a page set up just for the purpose of warning others about bad companies.  We also love hearing good things about companies.  Tell us about your last shade buying experience.

At this present time, we are very proud to be doing the majority of our contracting work with CR Shades.  We also have suppliers that will ship aluminum awning products, across the US.

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