Allegro 27' by Aqua Leader

by B.C.

We are purchasing a used 27 foot Allegro pool which was made by Aqua Leader. Where can I locate a manual/assembly instructions this? Also I can't seem to find anywhere what type and size liner I will need. I am told it is a 27' x 52". Does that mean the liner is 52"?

P.S. - I am very new to all of this pool stuff and your website is a blessing. It is full of valuable and useful information. THANK YOU

Hi Becky.

Most liners will accommodate either a 48" or a 52" wall, so the liner may be 27' x 48"-52". Some even go as high as 54". This is referring to the wall height, that's all. The size of the pool is 27' round. If you are not sure about that, it is best to lay out the bottom rim and measure the distance across.

It is, however, very important to know which type liner you need. Does it take an overlap or a beaded liner? If it's a beaded liner then only a 52" wall height version will work.

Below are a few links that might help with determining the type of liner you need, with finding instructions and with planning your installation.

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Jun 09, 2010
allegro pool
by: Anonymous

We just bought a 27-foot Aqua Leader Allegra pool, too. I can send you a copy of the instructions if you like. It doesn't say which type of liner it needs and instructions are given for both types of liners. A pool store employee told me she thinks it needs the overlay liner, but I'm going to double-check that before I buy it. We haven't put it up yet. The wall measures 51 1/2 inches, which means it is a 52-inch pool. You might also need a permit from your township. Would you let me know if you find out for sure about the liner type?


Jun 17, 2010
Aqua leader Allegro pools

Hi. I also purchased the Allegro pool and I purchased 30'over lap liner with the 52" wall. The liner looked big at first until we added the 26000 gallons of water which I had to purchase since i have well water and would've taken forever to fill this pool. just to let you guys know its gonna take 4 full 6000 gallon truck loads to fill your Aqua Leader Allegro pool at what ever rate water is going for where you live. I paid $280 per 6000 gallon load and filled the rest day by day with the hose. Also if you drop the water lever below the skimmer for the winter you will need almost the hole 6000 gallons to replace it. i just learned that yesterday. I thought I would only need a half truck but it took the entire 6000 gallons.

Jun 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

We were told by an allegro dealer that only an allegro liner would fit we didn't listen and purchased a j hook liner from some place else and oh what a mess we have. The dealer said any other liner would be to big now I have a j hook that will have to be made work like an overlap liner.


That's not a big problem, I do that with most of the j-hook liners I install. I hate big baggy liners.

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