Barn Roof

Rebuilding An Old Barn

This is an old barn that is about to be rebuilt, and get a new barn roof, keeping the original look, as much as possible.  This barn was built on blocks so we will be setting treated posts, in the ground, at all four corners.

We plan to replace all the interior studs with new ones and replace the roof with new metal.

old barn roof
The roof will all come off and the rafters inspected and replaced as needed.  The barn will then get a new roof.


old barn front
The center portion of this barn is structurally sound.  It's the two sides that are hurting.


old barn side
This side is ready to be cleaned out and the new wall built.  A beam has been placed under the rafters and the front jacked and propped back up into a level position.

A corner post will be set and a new wall framed.  That should make a big improvement on this sorry looking barn.


old barn inside
Notice the blocks in the front left corner.  I still find it hard to believe this barn was built on blocks.  That must have been a time before green board.


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