Kennel Sun Shade

Inexpensive Sun And Rain Protection

The easiest and least expensive kennel sun shade that I know of is to take a simple chain link enclosure like the one pictured and cover half of it with a tarp.

Dog Kennell
Tarps make the most versatile and least expensive sun protection for pets and other valuables.

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Compare this photo with the one just below, which dog would be more comfortable in the rain, or the hot sun?


dog kennel with cover
This is a kennel covered with a tarp.  This unit is sold as a kit but you could adapt this idea for your dog run or just about any enclosure that uses chain link fence.

Grommets for tarps are sold most places tarps are sold and are very helpful in securing the tarp once it is cut to fit.


Weatherguard Kennel Cover
This is the same type of thing and again it is being offered in kit form.  Assembly would be an easy do-it-yourself weekend project.


Travel Kennel
This travel kennel is perfect for shade at the dog shows, camping or other on the go uses.


Kennels can be covered in many ways.  Most of this site is about building shade, many of these ideas could be used as a kennel sun shade.  Kennels could be covered with aluminum awning pans, shade sails or a steel paneled wood cover, just to mention a few ideas.  This loafing shed idea could be used for a kennel also.

Amazon can provide shade for you pets without over charging.

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