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Tarps are the perfect shade and protection for so many things. The possibilities and uses are endless.  At these great prices, all of your pets and valuables should be well covered.

Below are a few of my recommendations from around the web.  Click the photos farther down the page for more product info or to purchase.

blue tarp over boat
These heavy duty tarps feature 1000-denier strands to help resist weathering.  They are waterproof and mildew-proof.  These are great for temporary covering of equipment or leaky roofs along with many other uses.


Ripstop Tarp
This heavy gauge polyethylene tarp is reinforced and double stitched.  It is laminated on both sides for water resistance.


Bench Zone Turf Tarp


Tarps are made in a large variety of sizes, there is a size to fit every need.  The turf tarps above are not just for the field, they can be used in many large size situations. 

With tarps, like most other things, you get what you pay for.  The type of material used, the type of stitching, the number and reinforcement of grommets, it all makes a difference.  Do you want the tarp for one season, or one that will last for years?


Poly Tarps: More To Know About Than You Might Think By John Bri

To many people, "tarp" conjures an image of a crumpled canvas in the corner of the garage, or maybe that shiny blue plastic sheet in the hardware store. But tarps are the beneficiary of some of the best technology in textile and chemical treatments.

And so they have been adapted to many uses, whether at home, in the garden, on a camping trip, in the workshop, in the industrial yard, or on the construction site.

The workhorse of all tarpaulins, there are more color, material, construction, and size combinations in poly tarps than for any other. They are readily available. And as long as you select the right one for the job, tarps provide a protective covering for almost anything that needs shelter from the elements. It's no wonder that the common tarp is one of the most versatile of all "tools".

Basic Poly Tarps: Blue or green poly tarps are, overall, the least expensive of all tarps. The cheapest ones are little more than a thin sheet of plastic. And like anything else, the cheaper they are, the less durability you'll have. Basic (but good quality) poly tarps are made using a weave of nylon chord, with a laminate of polyethylene on both sides. Thread size is typically 700-800 denier, and the fabric weight will be between 2- 4 ounces per square yard. They are waterproof, as well as resistant to rot and mildew. And they provide a good multi-purpose covering that provides basic protection from the elements.

But don't make the same mistake that so many people do: Do not use a poly tarp as a cheap way to cover your vehicle. Polyethylene does not breathe, and the resulting condensation under the tarp is guaranteed to cause you problems. There are much better ways to protect your car, truck, boat or RV.

Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps: In addition to the basic version, there are some much tougher, heavy-duty polyethylene tarps. These heavy-duty tarps are less prone to tears and punctures, and do not get brittle as quickly. Their strength comes from using a heavier denier nylon thread, and usually with a much tighter weave. This makes the tarp thicker, almost twice as thick, and therefore much longer lasting.

One example is the silver tarp, which is often preferred for its UV resistance and heat reflective properties. With heavier thread and lamination, these premium silver tarps can be 2-3 times thicker than the standard hardware store variety.

Hems are the greatest point of stress, so the strongest tarps will also have heat-sealed hems, sometimes with a reinforcing rope inside. And there will be more grommets, spaced closer together, to spread the stress more effectively over the entire tarp.

In addition to basic and heavy duty versions, there is a size to meet almost any need. Small 6x8 sheets are available for just a few dollars. At the other end of the spectrum are the over-sized or very large athletic field covers and hay tarps. Need something in-between? Custom sizes are also available.

So the next time you look at that crumpled or shiny blue sheet, you’ll know it's more than meets the eye.

John Bri is a contributor to That Covers It!, a collection of helpful information on a variety of protective coverings. You'll find tips and resources for tarps, shade canopies, garage kits, and covers for your car, boat, and RV. Get more information about poly, canvas, mesh, and other kinds of tarps at www.that-covers-it.com


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