Dishing Out An Above Ground Pool

I am going dish out my 24' foot pool 12"'s a beaded liner and I ordered it letting them know this is what I wanted to do.

My question is what slope is best to do this?

Or, what diameter should the flat area be in the center of the pool? I'm going to leave one and a half feet for the ledge around the pool and start the slope from there. Thanks.


It would be better to ask the maker of the liner exactly how the deep area should be dug. Beaded liners can be tricky business with uniform depth liners, adding a deep area complicates matters even more.

expandable liner

Overlap expandable liners are much better suitable for deep ends in above ground pools. A good quality expandable liner can stretch into just about any deep area with little to no wrinkles. That is much harder with a beaded liner.

Most beaded liners with deep areas are custom made. They are made to fit the exact specifications you give them. They require measurements such as wall height, cove height and angle, ledge width, slope angle and depth and so on and so forth. It gets really complicated ordering a custom beaded liner for any kind of vinyl lined pool.

My normal above ground pool deep end would start with about a foot and a half ledge from the sidewall. I would gently slope from there into the deep area. The slope should be gentle enough so that you can pack sand on it without it all winding up in the deep area. If you allowed a foot and a half for ledge, and a foot and a half for slope, that would leave you 18' across the bottom for deep area. That would be about right.

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