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Above Ground Pool With Deck And Walkway

Above Ground Pool With Deck And Walkway

How do you install a pool liner in a pool that has a half walk around pool deck? When I purchase the liner, is there a cut out for the skimmer?

Please note the company I purchased my pool from went out of business.


The pool you show in the photo could have either an overlap liner or a beaded liner. That pool would be much easier to do if it's beaded because you would not have to take all the top rails off and mess with the deck area.

above ground pool overlap liner

You need to look under the top rails, on the outside of the pool, and see if any liner is hanging over the wall, like the photo above. If so, you will need an overlap liner and probably new coping strips. If all you see is a metal rod under the rails it's probably a bead receiver.

beaded above ground pool liner

If that's the case you then need to look on the inside of the pool and see if the liner has a hard plastic bead that is stuck into a groove just under the rail. This would be the bead receiver and you need to make sure they are all in good condition before you try and reuse them.

It appears from the photo the pool may have a deep area. If so, this complicates things a bit. To be of much help I would need to know if the liner is beaded or overlap and if the pool has a deep area. You are welcome to use the comment button to post further information.

Liners do not come with skimmer holes already cut, that would make them nearly impossible to install. Cutting the hole and installing the skimmer is one of the last things you will do.

Below are a few pages with liner installation photos and instructions. Since you pool is different than the normal they may not be of much help, but it's a good start.

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