How to Install an Above Ground Pool Liner

by Pam
(Franklinton, NC)

How do I put a new liner in an above ground pool?

Hi Pam.

Installing a new liner in an above ground pool is usually a fairly easy process, but the steps you take depend on the type of liner you are installing.

above ground pool overlap liner installation

A standard overlap flat bottom, or uniform depth, liner is probably the easiest to install. The top rails will need to be removed and the coping may need to be replaced. My preferred way of installing an overlap liner is to stretch it over the existing framework of the pool. It does not have to be done this way but it is the best way to be assured of a wrinkle free liner installation. More about installing an above ground pool overlap liner is discussed here.

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

When installing an overlap liner you will have excess liner hanging over the top of the sidewall. This page talks about how to deal with this overhang.

Vinyl Liner Overhang

Another type of overlap liner is the expandable one. Most of the methods of installation are the same as that of the uniform depth liner. A more in depth discussion about deep end liner installations is on this page.

Expandable Liner Installation

above ground pool beaded liner installation

Beaded liners can be installed without having to take off the top rails, provided the pool had a beaded liner before and is set up with bead receivers. The installation of a beaded liner is usually a simple process but doing it without any wrinkles can be a little tricky. With an oval pool, making sure the liner is aligned perfectly, is essential. Details beaded liner installation instructions are on this page.

Beaded Liner Installation

Another type of beaded liner is the v-bead, or j-hook, liner. These liners are similar to a beaded liner as far as the

installation goes. The big difference is that the rails need to be removed because the liner hooks over the top of the sidewall.

With any type of beaded liner, if you find yourself with way to much liner on the sides, they can be pulled over the wall and turned into an overlap liner. In most cases all you need to do this are the coping strips. The bead receivers can be removed, the coping installed over the liner, and the receivers installed back over the coping.

A few more helpful liner changing tips can be found on this page.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

If you are not sure what type of liner you have then you need to look under your top rails. If you see liner hanging over the wall then it is an overlap liner. While you are looking up under the top rail is a good time to check the condition of the pool coping. Coping are plastic strips that are installed over the liner to hold it in place. From under the rail you can flick these strips and see if they crumble or are still usable.

If there is no liner hanging over the outside of the pool wall then you have a beaded liner. Look under the rail from the inside of the pool and see if the top of the liner is snapped into a bead receiver that will be attached to the top of the sidewall and hanging into the pool by about an inch or so. If so, you have a standard beaded liner. If the liner appears to be going up and over the wall, but yet nothing, or very little, is hanging over the outside, you probably have a v-bead liner. These can also be called j-hook liners, hung liners or uni-bead liners. A uni-bead liner allows the liner to be installed as either a beaded or a hung liner.

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