Liner For Used Pool

by Robin Sutton
(New Hebron, MS)

I am getting a second hand pool from a friend. My friend measured where the pool was sitting and said it was 20 ft.

I am trying to buy a replacement liner that is 20ft, but can only find liners that are 18 ft or 21 ft. Do above ground pools come in 20 ft?

Hi Robin.

Above ground pools do come in a twenty foot size, I think, but since I have never seen one I can not say for sure. But since it is so uncommon, and so rare, I would not order a liner based on what your friend said. I would lay out the bottom track and measure for myself. It's probably a 21', but maybe not.

Find a flat piece of ground and lay out the bottom rails and rail connectors. Get a 50' tape measure and a long screwdriver. Put the screwdriver through the end of the tape and find a center point. Take the tape measure around with you as you connect the bottom rails. Set the rails at 10' 6" exact, and see how that works. It should put the end rails pretty close together. If they are a long way apart do it again using a 10' radius.

making a pool round

Spend a little time with this so you wind up ordering the correct size liner. Keep going around the frame, with the tape, until the ends are connected and the entire perimeter measures the same. You double that number and it should be pretty close to either 20' or 21'.

That's what I would do. This page shows me actually connecting the bottom rails of a pool using a tape measure to set the radius.

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