Myths About Above Ground Pools

Let's see what is what

During my 50 years of installing above ground pools I have heard them all, all the misconceptions people have when it comes to a less expensive way to cool off in the summer.  Let's talk about a few of them.

Above Ground Pools Stay Too Warm

Above Ground Pool Under Awning
As far as I am concerned in ground pools stay too cold.  It is a matter of personal preference and my above ground pools were the perfect temperature most of the swimming season.  My current in ground pond is not at all inviting in the evening when I want to swim, too cold.  Temperature control is much easier now than in the old days.  You have solar covers and solar heaters to warm the water and aerators to cool it down.  Other options for sun control are shade sails and shade trees.  There is no reason why your above ground pool should be any warmer than your comfort level. The photo shows a job we did in Apache Junction, Arizona. We build the pool, deck and awning. The job is not quite done at the time of this photo but you can get the idea. When needed the pool was heated with solar panels mounted on the roof. I'm sure the pool being too warm warm was never an issue.

Above Ground Pools Are Hard To Maintain

No, they really aren't.  It all comes down to having a good filter and a good cleaner, that's it.  If you run a good filter, enough hours a day, shock the pool every few weeks and keep enough chlorine in it you will be fine.  It is pretty much that easy.  Having had both in ground and above ground I can say above grounds are easier and less expensive.  You just need the right equipment, otherwise, either pool can fast become a nightmare.

Above Ground Pools Look Cheap

Above Ground Pool and Wood Deck
If your goal is to impress the neighbors, you may be right.  But, you will be saving a ton of money, that should impress someone.  There are so many things you can do with an above ground pool to make them look less cheap.  Sinking the pool in the ground is one option.  Wood decks are another.  Creative landscaping around your pool is another.  If you're looking to save some money, and the cost of an in ground has you scared, think outside the box a bit and give another look at above grounds.

Above Ground Pools Are Nothing But Trouble

People who say this have either owned a cheap above ground pool, or know someone who has.  A good quality pool, installed correctly, with the proper equipment, is not a bunch of trouble.  It is a bunch of pleasure for the whole family.

The Neighbors Can See Me Getting In And Out Of The Pool

Above Ground Pool and Wood Decking
This can be a problem, especially if you are not wearing a bathing suit.  There are several ways of dealing with the ladder problem.  Sinking the pool half way, or more, in the ground is one of them.  Putting the ladder in a location that is hid by a tree or some other type of structure is a way of hiding the ladder.  Most yards have that one spot where the pool ladder could be located.  A spot where the neighbors view is restricted.  A privacy screen is another way to obstruct the neighbors view.  Fencing on a pool deck can provide a lot of privacy.  Or you could just live out in the sticks like I have most of my adult life. Or, if you live in some of the northern states, where no one has a fenced yard, it doesn't really matter, now does it?

We Don't Have Enough Warm Months For A Pool

That's all the more reason to have an above ground pool.  There is no way to validate the cost of an in ground pool for just a few months a year.  Above ground pools are popular all over the northern states, and into Canada, for this very reason.  You only have a few months to swim, true, but no reason not to enjoy them.  Remember also, with the use of solar covers and heaters, you can extend your swimming season.

Above Ground Pools Are Safer Than In Ground Pools

This may be partially true, but trust me, kids are drowning in above ground pools all summer long.  They climb up the ladders and they climb on the filter equipment.  Pools on top of the ground need fenced just like the ones in the ground.  Pool alarms are another good idea.



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