Above Ground Pool Deck Design

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Let us help you out with your above ground pool deck design.  Looking at some of the decks we have built would be a good start to formulating ideas about how your own pool deck will look.  We have several decks pictured on our above ground pool decks page.

An above ground swimming pool deck being installed is shown on our wood decks for above ground pools page.  The above ground pool deck and awning page shows photos of one of my favorite projects.  These pages should give you an idea as to what can be done in the way of decking for an above ground pool.

wood pool deck design
It is important with above ground pool decks to consider how you will be changing the liner.  An overlap liner that needs to be stretched into place, like shown on this page, needs room around the outside of the pool.  So every time your pool needs a new liner portions of the deck need to be removed, or the deck moved away from the pool.

One way of dealing with this is to leave a foot or so of pool above the deck.  Another way is to use a beaded liner during the initial installation.

This page shows how a beaded liner and an above ground pool deck work together. Below is a photo of a deck partially removed so an oval pool liner, in a pool with a deep end, could be installed. This is barely enough room to get the job done but we did it.


deck pulled back for liner install


Custom wood decks can get very expensive, especially if you are having to pay someone to build it. Over the years the cost is probably well worth it, but if you are looking for a less expensive shorter term fix a pre-fab deck might be the way to go.

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