Trouble Installing Oval Pool Liner

by Melissa

We are installing our own pool liner. It is a 15 x 30 x 52" oval above ground. We were told that we have to bevel the sand up next to the walls around the inside of the pool. We have done that and are still coming up short of the wall at the curve of the pool wall.

Also, we have very minimal liner hanging over the edges. What do you suggest we do? Do we need more sand against the wall? Do we need more sand around the inside of the pool as well? Please help.

Hi Melissa

I will be placing links at the end of my response; I do recommend you read all of the pages. The answer to your question is probably in one of them.

You did not say how much overhang you have. It just takes a few inches but if you have less than that you may have a problem. When overlap liners are stretched into place the overlap will normally be six inches or more.

The amount of sunlight on the liner when you are installing it makes a big difference. The hotter the day, and the more direct sunlight on the liner, the easier it is to work with and the better it will stretch.

If you are inside the pool, working the liner smooth, getting it aligned, and pulling it up and over the wall it is not unusual for the liner to be tight in the corners. Some oval liners can be tight all over the place. Stretching the liner into place is one way to overcome this. Doing the job in very hot direct sunlight is another.

stretching above ground pool liner

Here are a few pages to go over, just to make sure you are doing everything right.

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