Used Pool Buying Tips

by Sharon

My husband and I are wanting to purchase a pool, mostly for grown children and grandchildren to use, but I am unsure if we should put a lot of money into a new pool. I think we should focus on a used one, but we have NO idea of what a good brand/buy would be.

After reading some postings on your website I know that you think a Doughboy is perhaps the best brand to purchase, however, that is not a brand that I have seen in the area of the country where we live (southeast TN).

I have seen a Craigslist ad for an Evolution CLX24 that sounded good, but then I don't know anything about this pool, and I have not seen it at any of the dealers around Chattanooga. Is this a good brand?

My husband does not think he would be able to get the ground ready (level) for a pool. Do you think that installers of new pools would install used ones, or is that something they would not want to do?

I would appreciate any help you could give me with my dilemma.

Thank You, Sharon Bishop

Hi Sharon

As you will see on this page

Above Ground Pool Manufacturers

Evolution is a Seaspray product, a Wilbar group company. If the price were right this would not be a bad buy.

This page

Used Above Ground Pools

discusses many things to look for when buying a used pool.

When buying a used above ground pool I would look more

closely at the equipment than the pool itself. The pool should be free of rust and give the appearance of being in good condition. You can tell if the top ledge is large enough for you and if you think the structure will be sturdy enough for you needs. Beyond that, unless you are paying top dollar, I would not worry too much about the brand.

It's the equipment you get with the deal that makes the difference. When you find a decent pool with a good quality filter system, an automatic cleaner, a cover, a ladder and sometimes even a deck, that's what you are looking for. These kinds of deals are out there from owners that just want to get rid of it all. In Arizona we dismantle and haul away pools for free, as long as they aren't too old and rusted out. It's amazing the equipment we get to haul away, simply because the owner no longer wants the pool.

Never plan to use the same liner over again, you are far better off with a new one. So the brand of liner in the pool is not even important, since it will be replaced.

As far as installers go, you should easily be able to find someone who will do used pools as well as new. We set up our dealers pools, new pools from the internet and used pools. We also take down, move, and reinstall pools. If you find someone like that it might be the way to go. You know that all the parts will arrive at your home in a usable condition.

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