Used Pool

by Carl Irvin
(Havelock NC)

I have read your stories here and have bought a used pool. It was up and clean and holding water. I have replaced the rusty pieces that I was concerned with, the rest should be fine.

I am going to take your advice on just going ahead and putting a new liner in. Although before reading this I was going to try and get the used one back in. I just took the pool down so I know what a mess that can leave to change a liner.

Anyway I am going to change the liner. I have a 48 deep 24 round pool. The Top of the liner inserts in a plastic segment that hangs over the pool. Am I correct in ordering a beaded liner? NL900620 is the one I want to order from this site.

My next questions are the best way to fill the liner and Sand around the inside edge of the liner or the foam pieces that I took off. I was going to try and save them and spray adhesive on them and use the ones I can and buy the others I might need.

I have never put up a pool. I did level the ground removing the high and plan on setting my blocks all level today for the post and then I will put a layer of sand just enough to cover the bottom and fill any low spots.

Any answers to the many questions I have here would be appreciated.

Hi Carl

It sounds like the beaded liner you have picked out would be the correct one. If you feel the pre formed pool cove is usable I would try it. With a beaded liner you want a very small cove and the preformed stuff is perfect.

My only suggestion would be to make sure that any sand you use gets piled in the center of the pool and spread out only after the wall is up. It is very difficult to get the wall into the bottom track if you are working in sand.

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Jul 21, 2008
Used Pool
by: Carl Irvin

Thank you Sir for your reply.

I will use the preformed stuff I have or buy new if needed.

I have a few more questions.

We got all the receipts and instructions with this pool but they don't all match. How I took down the pool. In other words the instructions show how to install a liner with a hang over type and I removed a beaded liner.

There was sand covered in plastic under the liner with the preshaped cove material. Instructions say install on dirt with sand cove.

1.My instructions don't tell me to use any sand other than to build the cove. All I have read here is about the 2 inches of sand plus the cove and I am all about and understand all that. The question is according to my instruction that we got with the pool, my blocks are to go under the ground letting the bottom ring sit on the earth as the post pads are supported on the blocks. Using the sand on the bottom do I need to go down 2 more inches so it doesn't cause the liner to rise 2 inches with the sand?

Isn't the sand supposed to be level with the bottom of the ring in other words with the pads sitting solid on the blocks? Pile the sand in the middle is my plan as you have said. How should I set my bottom ring and blocks? I have read most of the FAQ's and lot of other on this site. Thanks for having it there!

2. When I took the pool down it had plastic covering the sand as I said. I have purchased the 24 foot plastic to put back. This pool had been up for 5 years and was in great shape. The liner had been patched once and some rusted bottom ring segments was the result of the leak. I ordered and replaced the 2 worst segments. I am cleaning the wall well and plan to use the rustoliam as suggested on any spots. Nothing other than some surface rust was found on the wall. Heaviest around the bottom ring of the wall but it appears plenty strong to me with no apparent metal missing.

Please advise on the use of plastic and the sand and setting the bottom ring on earth or sand.

Thanks a million

Jul 21, 2008
Answer to Carl
by: Dennis

Hi Carl, There are a few instructions that say not to use sand. Most, however, recommend sand or some sort of pad other than dirt. Dirt is impossible to get smooth and the lumps and pumps in the liner caused by uneven ground, or even a rock here and there, will be the first places to wear through the vinyl. The liner should sit on something smooth and soft.

The bottom rails and footplates need to rest on flat, level ground. The ground needs to be dirt or something that will pack hard and not wash away. Most of my installs will have level ground from one side of the pool to the other. The sand, spread out only after the wall is installed, goes on top of the already level ground. I do not dig down any to compensate for the sand. If you wanted a few inches of extra depth you would need to leave the bottom rails sitting on a two foot ledge. The ledge will support the pool frame and give you plenty of room for a cove. Two foot in from the pool edge is where you would start sloping for the extra depth center. You can usually go up to six inches deeper with a standard liner. Anything more than that and you would need an expandable liner, that would allow and extra three feet if desired.

The only time I use plastic is if I am very concerned about grass or weed growth. When I do use plastic I put it under the sand. It is next to impossible to smooth out your sand, and then lay plastic over it, without getting tons of footprints in the sand. If you are familiar with my methods you know that I broom the sand to a very smooth finish. I then get out of the pool and install the liner from the outside. The pool will fill with water and pack the sand for a day or two before anyone gets in it. This leaves a very smooth base. This cannot be achieved if you try putting plastic over the sand.

Jul 22, 2008
Preformed cove and Beaded linner install
by: Carl

Thank you Dennis for your help.

I seem to be all straight on that now. I have of course read your install page and plan to copy it when I put my pool up. I have a few more days of planning as I am waiting on my liner.

Am clear on the sand now. The 2 inches of sand won't affect the height of my beaded liner going into its track. Now when I put my preformed cove down with the sand in the middle. Will I just put up the wall, sweep finish the sand and then put the cove on top of that. Re sweep and get out.

Now that brings another question on the Beaded liner install. Do you do those in the same manner as your instruction? The pool place here told me to install the liner completely in its track and then add water and push the wrinkles to the edge until the seam is correct on the cove.

Never having done this I am hoping to do it right the first time by others experience. Can you explain the Beaded liner install your way and am I correct on my preformed cove installation.

Sorry for all the question, but I only want to do this once.

Thanks in advance Carl

Jul 22, 2008
Liner Install Answer
by: Dennis

Hi Carl, I install the cove before I spread out the sand. I let the sand cover the bottom portion of the cove as I spread and smooth it.

As for the beaded liner, there are several different ways to install it. One way is the one described by you pool store guy. Working from inside the pool you would insert the liner into it's receiver and then very carefully center the liner. It is critical the liner be perfectly centered before adding any water. As you are adding water you would push any wrinkles to the edge. The drawback to this method is you are in the pool on the sand that is not yet compacted.

Another method is described on my beaded liner install page. You would use a vacuum to suck out the wrinkles and lay the liner flat. Sometimes this method will allow you to install the liner from outside of the pool. It needs to be really hot and sunny and the liner needs to lay in the pool fairly flat, otherwise you will be on the inside pushing out wrinkles.

In my opinion beaded liners are a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes the sides fit nicely and sometimes they are to baggy. I have zero tolerance for baggy liners and I hate footprints in the sand so here is how I install a beaded liner in a new pool install. I use the bead receivers to stabilize the wall. I tape them in place and cover any rough edges. At this point I do not have any uprights or top rails in place, just the receivers. From outside the pool I drape the liner over the wall and pull it up and over as far as the pool structure will allow. You want between one and two feet hanging over the outside of the pool. This should have the center pulled tight enough so there are no wrinkles.

I turn on the water and slowly let the liner down. When the water is just a few inches from the side I decide if this will be a beaded liner or an overhang liner. If the liner fits I use the bead receivers and finish filling. If the liner is going to be baggy I remove the receivers, pull the liner over the wall and hold it in place with coping strips. I then reinstall the receivers over the coping and finish the pool.

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