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Oval Installation

The Atlantic Above Ground Pool Company makes the perfect oval pool for installing on concrete.  The model I recently installed is called the Atlantis.  Installing oval pools on concrete has always been a bit of challenge because of the side brace structures.  Most of these structures are meant to be buried in the ground.  Most of the side support channels need to be buried 2-3 inches into the ground.

I have, on a couple of occasions, had to saw cut channels into concrete to insert these channels.  It is an expensive and time consuming process.  It is so much easier to find a model that is designed to lay on flat ground, no trenches.

oval pool on concrete
The pool we have photos of was installed on dirt.  This pool could have just as easily been installed on a concrete slab.  Check out the brace assembly. There are no channels to bury into the ground.  This is the perfect oval for a slab installation.  To go with this pool I would recommend using a preformed pool cove and a sand base to cover the straps.  One and a half inch Styrofoam would also work as a base.  It would just require a little extra padding around the pressure plates.

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oval pool and sand base
In this photo the braces for the Atlantic above ground pool are set and level.  Laser leveled front and rear, including the support blocks at the ends of the buttress assemblies.  The sand is piled in the center area so as not to get in the way of the sidewall installation.  If the sand is too close to the area where the wall gets unrolled it can become impossible to keep the sand out of the bottom rail.  This makes it very hard to insert the wall into the track.

Atlantic Above Ground Pool
This is a completed Atlantic above ground pool, assembled and filling with water.  In two days it will be full and warm enough to swim in.  This pool was purchased over the internet for about $1350.00.  A lot of pools we install these days are purchased on the web.  Do I recommend it?  Sure, but be careful.  The customers that bought this pool did not receive a ladder when the pool was delivered.  When they called to complain they were informed the ladder was not included with the pool.  They paid a little more and had one shipped ASP.  We were just completing our install, ready to hook up the filter when they realized they did not have one.  I had a good used one I sold them for $150.00.  This 15' x 30' pool bought and installed from a local dealer could easily cost five grand.  This one was a little over two grand, including the install.  When buying an above ground pool, be sure of what you are getting.  There are many great deals to be made online and with used pools.  Spend a little time, research and be sure that good deal really is a good deal.


We do pool and liner installations all over the state of Arizona. Check here for prices.

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