Window Shades

For Comfort And Protection

Well chosen window shades can add so much to your home.  They add value.  Window treatments and paint are two of the best ways of adding equity to your home.

Here are a few other benefits of attractive window treatments.


  • Add beauty to your home
  • Increase the life of your carpet and furniture
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Make sitting by a window pleasant
  • Allow a good view out without the suns heat and neighbors eyes getting in

So what are some great and wonderful ways to shade a window?  If you are starting on the inside try these ideas


On the outside I would recommend a window awning, shade screen combination.  Now that's a shade combo.

Measuring for do-it-yourself window shades is very critical.  Whether you will be making something, or ordering something, be sure to measure the window correctly.  If you are having a contractor do the work for you, let them do all the measuring.  Don't even try to hold the dumb end of the tape measure, unless you are asked.

The video below is very informative and will give you plenty of good information about measuring your windows and about different types of window treatments.




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