Window Shades

For Comfort And Protection

Well chosen window shades can add so much to your home.  They add value.  Window treatments and paint are two of the best ways of adding equity to your home.

It's important to consider the positioning of your house when deciding on window shades. The west and east-facing windows bear the brunt of the morning and evening sun. So, prioritizing these areas can significantly increase the effectiveness of your shading solutions.

In addition, while planning your window shade solutions, consider the seasons. During winter, you'd preferably want more sunlight entering your home for natural warmth. Therefore, opt for flexible shading solutions that can be adjusted or removed as required.

By using house shade ideas effectively, you can significantly reduce your reliance on air conditioning and heating systems. This reduction in energy consumption translates into lower energy bills, so it is money well spent.

What's more, shading your home doesn't have to be boring. Most window shade solutions also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Varying from bold architectural statements to chic minimalistic designs, you can match these solutions to your home's design and personality.

Also, let's not forget that proper shading can provide your home with more privacy, giving you peace of mind. You can enjoy your space without worrying about prying eyes, all while staying cool and comfortable.

House shade is not merely about throwing some shade on your home. It's about making informed, strategic, and creative decisions that result in a more comfortable house, lower energy bills, and a better living environment.

So what are some great and wonderful ways to shade a window?  If you are starting on the inside try these ideas.

On the outside I would recommend a window awning, shade screen combination.  Now that's a shade combo.

Measuring for do-it-yourself window shades is very critical.  Whether you will be making something, or ordering something, be sure to measure the window correctly.  If you are having a contractor do the work for you, let them do all the measuring.  Don't even try to hold the dumb end of the tape measure, unless you are asked.

The video below is very informative and will give you plenty of good information about measuring your windows and about different types of window treatments.




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