Do-it-Yourself Awnings

These Kits Are Easy To Install

These do-it-yourself awning kits are easy and quick to install.  They can do wonders for shading a room in your home and reduce cooling costs.  With so many colors and styles to choose from these do-it-yourself kits will add good looks and shade to your home.

For some do-it-yourself awning building picture help see our car cover construction page or our alumawood installation pages.  A little more help can be found on the building a patio cover page.

In Arizona, let Ryse Construction take care of all your awning needs.  They have many different types of do-it-yourself kits and can also take care of the installation if you prefer.  Getting an estimate is as easy as filling out a simple form on this page.


Sunsational Classic Awning
Canvas window awnings like this one are very simple do-it-yourself projects.  They are a very popular online item with several styles to choose from.  Installing this type of awning is about as easy as it gets.  There are about five brackets that hold the frame to the wall.  The brackets attach to the wall with long screws and then are attached to the frame with short screws.  It takes just a few minutes.


Sunsational Designer Awning
This is another popular style and a very easy do it yourself awning to install. Just follow the simple instructions that come in the package, or, hire your favorite handy man to do it for you.  As with most of these window awning kits, this one is available in different colors.  One of the big differences in ordering online and hiring a local contractor is the color selection.  When a salesman comes to your house to measure the windows, he will also have a large catalog full of color selections.


8 foot Window Awning
Scallops with colored stitching are common additions to canvas type window awnings.  They are just another way of adding color and character to your do-it-yourself awning kit.

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