Aluminum Window Awnings

To Shade And Protect

Aluminum window awnings are easy to install and will shade and protect any room in your home.  With many colors to choose from these awnings will blend in with, and enhance, any style home you may have.  Window awnings come in several styles from slatted to solid.  They all feature a base color, and possibly a feature color, so matching the color scheme of your home is easy.

Installation is simple and there are many self install kits available.  There are also people like myself that will be happy to come out and measure your windows, order the awning and come back to install them.  Either way, the shade and sun protection you receive is well worth the low cost.

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aluminum window awning


The window awning above is a mitered awning installed on the front of a park model.  It starts out as three separate awnings, like the one below, and is then joined together by individual pieces, all custom cut to length.

aluminum window awning installed


Atlantic aluminum window awning


This type aluminum window awning goes by names like Atlantic or Aurora,  depending on who is making it.  The closed ends provide even more sun protection than the louvered design.


window awning


The awnings pictured above and below are available from the Mobile Home Parts Store. 6' Dura-Bilt Aluminum Window Awnings


aluminum window awning


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