Above Ground Pool Slide

Fun If You Keep It Safe

Many years ago I saw an above ground pool slide that stood on stilts way up in the air.  I have not seen one since.  Maybe the danger and liability factors were too great for the manufacturer.  The versions today are a lot smaller but a lot safer.

Be sure the pool slide is securely mounted onto the wood deck.  It is best to use nuts and bolts as apposed to lag bolts.

There is only one company on the web, that I know of, with a slide for your above ground pool.  Most of the slides you find are for in ground pools.  Some can be adapted to an above ground pool deck and others can't.


above ground pool slide
This slide looks like a lot of save fun for the kids.  An Amazon store has them and will send one your way if you tell them to.

The pool slide is close to the ground so there will be a lot less risk of injury than some of the taller slides.

The mounting part is up to you, just make sure it is safe for your youngsters. And make sure it is mounted to a solid wood deck, not an above ground pool resin deck.


Pool Slide

Inter-Fab ZM-CR-SS Zoomerang Slide Right Turn Slide Kit, White style=  (#ad)


Pool Slide next to above ground pool

This is a pool slide installed next to an above ground pool.



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