Components for a Lattice Awning

These are the components for Alumawood lattice patio covers.  Starting at the top we have the lattice itself.  These are square tubes of aluminum in either 1 1/2" or 2".  The lengths can be anywhere between 6' and 26'.  For awnings longer the 26' a splice is used.  The lattice is attached to the rafters with either 2" or 3" sheet metal screws. Lattice end caps, flat or beveled, cap the the ends of the lattice on your patio cover.

alumawood rafters
The rafters are 2" x 6 1/2".  They attach to the header beam at one end and to the home at the other end.  Special brackets are used at each end.  At the home a Rafter hanger bracket is used and a rafter top header bracket is used at the header.  The standard end cut for Alumawood rafters is the mitered end cut.  The scallop end cut and the corbel end cuts are both available at an additional charge.  Plastic inserts are made for each end cut and insert into the ends of the lattice.

Alumawood header beam
The rafters attach to a main header beam on the top side and the posts attach on the bottom side.  The header beam is 3" x 8".  The same end cuts and plastic inserts are available for this beam as are for the rafters.  For awning projects that require longer than normal spacing between posts a 3" x 8" steel c-beam is made to insert into the header for additional strength.  The maximum length for a header is 32'.  Many awnings are wider in width than this and a header spice is used to connect the headers as many times as needed.

alumawood post
Most Alumawood lattice awnings use a three piece post system.  The center is a 3" aluminum post with two outer side plates.  The side plates also come with foam inserts for added strength.  Another post option for Alumawood products is the classic fiberglass round tapered column.  These are very expensive but if elegance is wanted this would work.  The last post option is using a steel 3" post instead of the aluminum.  This again is an extra charge.  At this time the steel posts only come in white and neutral so the two sides that will be exposed when the side plates are installed would need to be painted first to match your awning color.  Some places will require this upgrade for permits but Alumawood engineering 100% supports the aluminum posts.  Posts are attached to the header with a post bracket.  The same bracket is used at the bottom and can be attached to an existing concrete slab or bolted to a ground anchor.  A ground anchor would then go into a post hole and get backfilled with concrete.

The three piece post assembly requires drilling holes in the outside of the side plates.  These holes allow you to insert your drill tip and screw through the sideplate and attach it to the center post.  These holes are filled with the 5/8" plastic plugs.  The plugs come in the bag with all the rest of the screws, nuts and bolts needed to build an Alumawood lattice awning.

Alumawood is manufactured by Amerimax and they offer two versions of this product.  The Newport Shade Structure is the solid cover awning using 6" flat panels instead of the lattice.  The Laguna Lattice Shade Structure is the one described on this page and photographed being installed on this page.  These awnings are available in White, Desert Sand, Sonora Beige, Adobe and Mojave Tan.  Prices for these awnings can be found here and for more info you can always contact us here.

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