Alumawood Rafters

Different Uses For This Product

Aluminum components can be used to cap off or face existing structures.  The 2" x 6 1/2" rafters are best suited for this.

alumawood rafter

This is a standard aluminum awning with a screen room built under it.  The screen room frame, downspouts and Alumawood are all in the Adobe color.  This really decks out an aluminum awning.  Rafter tails could also be added along the front for a little fancier look.

The only Alumawood parts used for this nice addition were the rafters, a few 6" inside clips and the rafter end caps.

These pieces of lightweight aluminum can be used to decorate many types of structures.


alumawood rafters for screen room


alumawood rafters with rafter tails
This is the look you would have by adding the Alumawood Rafter Tails.  It is a little more work and a little more expense, but a whole different look.


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