Alumawood Installation

Installing an Alumawood Lattice Awning

We will show you some of the steps we go through to do an Alumawood installation.  After spending a little time on the installation pages we welcome you to get a free quote for your next Alumawood project.

As you are working with aluminum be very careful of the sharp edges, you will notice the blood on my hand in one of the pictures.  When doing an Alumawood installation be sure to anchor the awning securely into the wall and into the ground or onto the concrete.

Most Alumawood awning kits come with a can of touch up paint.  Although little scratches can be touched up it is a good idea to be as careful as possible in the unpacking and assembly of the painted material.

Step one of the Alumawood installation is attaching the rafter brackets to the house.  In this situation it would have been to difficult to securely attach each bracket into a stud so we inserted some 2" x 6" lumber into a rafter and lag bolted the assembly to the home.  Now we have a solid point of attachment for each bracket.


Alumawood installation photo
The rafter has been lag bolted to the wall and the brackets installed.  The bolt heads will later be painted with the touch up paint provided.


Alumawood Headers
Notice how the beams and rafters are hollow.  This make it a very lightweight and easy to work with material.


working planks
Working off of planks held up with our ladders makes it a lot easier on the legs, much less climbing up and down.


Alumawood Ground anchors
These are the safety stakes assembled and ready to be buried in the ground and set in concrete.  The bracket on top will attach to the bottom of the post.


Alumawood post brackets
Post brackets are being installed on the header.  The plastic end caps have also been installed.


Alumawood rafters
The header has been raised and held in place with 2 rafters.


Alumawood rafters attached
The rest of the rafters are installed at this time.


Alumawood packaging
Each individual piece of Alumawood will be wrapped in plastic.  The easiest way to get the plastic off is to run a blade down the seam.  This does the job quickly and does not scratch the material.


Getting a quote on an Alumawood awning is as easy as using my Contact Form.  We can quote an installed price for local jobs in Arizona.

Or call CR Shades - Dennis Gourley - Sales - 480-935-2848

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