Lattice Patio Cover

Our Project Is Complete

We completed this Lattice Patio Cover and the appearance of the home has been greatly enhanced.  Lattice Aluminum patio covers add elegance and style to any home.  The lattice can be switched to solid awning panels in any area where a little more shade or rain protection is needed.  This Alumawood patio cover will never need painted. It will never warp or get termites and rot away.  This is permanent and will stay looking just like these pictures for as long as the home owner chooses to keep it.

This cover is constructed with 1 1/2" lattice with 1 1/2" spacing.  This is pretty standard.  More shade can be achieved by using a 1" spacing.  A different look can be achieved by using the 2" lattice.  Spacing and lattice size are options you can use to get just the look you desire, play with the options before ordering.

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alumawood lattice

lattice patio cover

aluma lattice patio cover

To see this lattice patio cover being installed follow these links.

lattice installation page one

lattice installation page two

We love custom work and Alumawood products allow for this, let your imagination go wild.

Alumawood patio cover solid and lattice

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