Doughboy Leveling and Deep End Questions

by Darlene
(Sutter Creek, CA)

We just bought a used 16x24 foot Doughboy oval pool and we are about 5 inches out of level.

We are going to do a deep end but the ground in the middle in the shallow end would be higher than the frame.

Can we do this or would it compromise the integrity of the pool?

We can dig out the entire area but I'd prefer not too.

Could we raise the outer edge of the pool with crushed granite and put the bottom rail on that instead?

Thanks, Darlene

Hi Darlene. You do not want to leave any portion of the inside of the pool higher than the ground the frame sits on. This causes the liner to install unevenly and could be a major cause of wrinkles.

Crushed granite makes a perfect leveling material. Be sure to level the entire area plus an additional three foot beyond the pool. The outside ledge is very important if you are raising an area.

Doughboy pool deep end

Be sure to have your side braces set before you start digging a deep area. From the ends of the side brace channels I measure off one of my small feet before starting the slope for the deep end. Most people dig the hole, dig it to deep, and wind up having to backfill it in order to have level ground to set the side channels and pressure plates.

Doughboy oval pools can be a little tricky to build so be sure to follow the instructions and look over all the pages I have listed below. It is also best to use a Doughboy brand liner expandable liner when doing a deep end. No other liner on the market will install as nice as the original Doughboy brand. Most other so called "expandable" liners will leave the bottom of your pool with nothing but wrinkles. Be sure to follow the expandable liner installation method, it is the key to installing a liner without wrinkles.

Expandable Liner Installation

Above Ground Pool Installation

Above Ground Pool Directions

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Oval Pool Deep Ends

Vinyl Liner Overhang

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