Liberty Pool Liner Question

by Bryan L
(San Diego, CA USA)

Liberty Above Ground Pool

Liberty Above Ground Pool

I purchased a used a 15x30x52 2006 Liberty Pool. It is originally from Atlantic Pools who used to sell their products at Leslie Pools. Leslie Pools called it the Belize Buttress Free Pool.

They still sell the current pool I own but I am now having difficulty installing the beaded liner correctly. The directions seemed to be misleading as we only placed several black strips over the liner holding it to the pool wall. After it was half filled, the liner came undone and water got everywhere. We removed the liner and let the water escape to allow the pool time to dry and for us to get the sand under the liner redone.

How do you install a beaded liner correctly? Is it liner over wall, the black strips then metal over that or do the black strips go over the wall, then liner then metal strips? Or am I missing a part to install this liner? Please help?

Thank you, Bryan L

Hi Bryan.

What you are describing is an overlap liner. In which case it is liner, coping and then rods. These pages may help a little more with an overlap liner installation.

Overlap Liners

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Vinyl Liner Overhang

It sound like you may actually have a beaded liner with no bead receivers. If so it is the bead receivers you are referring to as the missing parts.

Most beaded liners can be installed the same as an overlap, with the coping and rods. Just pull it over the wall by a few inches, install the coping and rods and fill in direct sunlight on a warm day. I convert beaded liners into overlap liners all the time because they usually fit better that way. Beaded liners tend to be on the big and baggy side very often.

To properly install a beaded liner you need the receivers. All these pages might be helpful if you decide to go that way.

Beaded Liner Conversion

Beaded Liners

Beaded Liner Installation

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