Beaded Liner Conversion

From Overlap To Beaded Liners

Beaded Liner Conversion

Is your above ground pool set up with an overlap liner?  Most of them are, but there is a liner called a beaded liner, that is available for above ground pools.

So why would you want a beaded liner?  It is an ongoing question for above ground pool owners, to bead or not to bead.

Deck Over Above Ground Pool
There are some very valid reasons to want a beaded liner.  Pool Decks are the biggest.  If the deck is built so that the top rails of the pool cannot be removed without removing the deck, you might consider a beaded liner conversion kit.  This pool deck and beaded liner page illustrate an example where a beaded liner is the best option.

I have my reasons for preferring an overlap liner, under most circumstances, but some pool decks were just not meant to be taken apart.  The advantages of a beaded liner far out weigh the disadvantages in this situation.


beaded liner conversion
So how do I go about changing from overlap to beaded?  With a beaded liner conversion kit, of course.

You simply order the correct number of beaded liner receivers and install them.  The tricky part is to do this before you build the deck that everyone would die for.  This can be done, even while keeping the new overlap liner you just bought.

I would suggest lowering the water level by about half.  This would take a little pressure off the top rail connections.  You will need to remove several top rails at a time and remove the metal rods also.  The bead receivers can be installed directly over your existing coping and the metal rod installed back over top of the receivers.  Reinstall the top rails and you are done.

It's possible, depending on the configuration of the pool, that this will not work.  An example would be the fat round coping that installs over the metal rods.  In that case I would use the receiver directly over the liner.

The best choice would be to decide before you install the pool what type of deck you are going to have, if any, and set the pool up accordingly.

Somewhere down the road you will need to change the liner, now you are ready to do so without having to take the deck apart.


Bead Receiver for Above Ground Pool Liners - 57 Inch Section  (#ad)


These bead receivers are sold by the piece, you just order as many as you need. Bulk packages are available also. For round pools order 10 for a 15' pool. Order 12 for an 18', 15 for a 21', 16 for a 24', 18 for a 27' and 20 for a 30' round pool.


Beaded liners can get a little tricky, be sure you buy one that fits your pool and install it properly. We have this page about installing a beaded liner that might help. As far as getting the right one it needs to be the right bead to fit your receiver and the right size to fit your pool wall height.

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