Aluma Lattice Installation

Alumawood Step by Step

This is the second page of our Aluma Lattice installation project. The finished lattice project can be seen on this page.

Aluma Lattice is a very attractive and versatile type of patio cover. Aluminum can be custom fit to just about any shape or size. The color selection can almost always match or complement your home. The top portion, or cover itself, can be either lattice or solid or a combination.

We install Alumawood lattice and Alumawood solid patio covers all over the state of Arizona.

Lattice  rafters
The rafters are almost installed.


Lattice rafters
Notice the flush fit of the rafters. They are attached with two screws on each side. We use painted screws so we don’t have to do too much touch up painting at the end.


Lattice awning
At this end the rafters fit into the clips in the header that were installed earlier. Again they are held in place with two screws on each side.


Lattice being installed
Now we start the lattice. See how the plank moves a little higher as needed.


Lattice as spacers
When installing the lattice we use the lattice as spacers. The section to the left is finished and the section to the right is being attached, every other one, to each rafter.


Lattice awning
This section is almost complete. The lattice end caps need to be installed and the posts need to be anchored and the post caps installed. Go here to see this Aluma Lattice cover completed. Getting a quote is fast, easy and free.  Just fill out a form or pick up a phone.

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