Lomart Above Ground Pools

One Of The Better Pools On The Market

Lomart is a sister company to Doughboy and they make excellent quality above ground pools.  Lomart above ground pools are so similar to Doughboy in some ways, they can be hard to tell apart.

The one thing you can always count on is the skimmers will be different.  Just a slightly different shape is all that separates the two.

I have installed thousands of Doughboy and Lomart above ground pools and think very highly of both brands.

About forty years ago I installed pools for all of the Montgomery Wards stores in the Phoenix area.  They sold the Coleco brand pool.  About the time Wards quit selling pools out of their stores Coleco was purchased by Lomart. The pool then became half Coleco and half Doughboy.  The pool line has grown and the quality keeps getting better.


Lomart above ground pool
Pool Supply World sells Above Ground Swimming Pools from the Lomart line.  This photo shows the Regency pool.  This pool has 7" steel top rails with resin connector covers.  The wall is 52" and treated to last as long as their 25 year warranty.

The best part about the Regency pool, and all the other Lomart Pools, is the ease of installation.  They are not too fancy or over designed.  They are user friendly and all of the parts fit the way they should.  This pool is available in all of the standard round and oval sizes.

The oval pools are the buttress free design.  When it comes to oval pool brace systems this is one of the best.  The basic design has been around for many years and it just keeps working without getting too complicated like some pools.

The Forest Spring model also has the 52" wall.  It has 6" top rails and 5" vertical supports.  It is also a user friendly, easy to install pool.

The Sandstone is the least expensive in the Lomart above ground pools line, but that does not mean there is a thing wrong with it.  Lomart, like Doughboy, never discounts the quality on their less expensive models.  They are just not as fancy and less fancy usually means it's easier to install.

All three of these pools are excellent products that would give you years of enjoyment.  You will be given a choice of liners and filters with these pools.  The links will take you to pages I have written about these items.

I recently found this Lomart pool on Amazon in the 16' round and 12' round sizes. Lomart Above Ground Pool  (#ad)


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