Aluminum Warranty

How Aluminum Products Protect You

It's always a good idea to read the warranty for any product you buy.  Here we will highlight some of the basics of a standard aluminum awning warranty.  Depending on where you purchase your awning your warranty will probably be different, so it is important to read it carefully.

These are excerpts from the manufacturer's warranty that is supplied with all of our aluminum awnings, window awnings and lattice covers.  The warranty is null and void if the warranty card is not filled out and returned to the manufacturer.

aluminum awning with beams
We warranty lattice, patio cover, carport and awning components will not peel, blister, flake, chip, split, rust or crack, subject to the limitations and conditions listed herein, for the life of the original retail purchaser.

This Warranty is Transferable by the original property owner to a subsequent owner of the products during the first ten years of warranty coverage.  In the event of transfer of this warranty, the warranty period shall be ten years from the date of the original installation of the products and shall only apply to manufacturing defects in the products.

During the first three years of the warranty period the product will be refinished, repaired or replaced to remedy any defect at no cost to you.

During years four through ten the product will be refinished, repaired or replaced at no cost other than labor and shipping.

aluminum window awning
From the eleventh year through the remaining lifetime of the product it will be refinished, repaired or replaced at 50% of the current wholesale cost of the defective parts.

Cleaning Tips

In addition to their enduring good looks, aluminum products are easy to maintain.  Airborne pollutants, however, such as emissions from autos and local manufacturing plants, can cause an acidic build-up on any baked enamel product surface.  This can easily be removed by periodic cleaning with any household detergent.  Simply mix a few teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in a bottle or hose sprayer and apply liberally to all exposed surfaces, then rinse freely.  (do not use abrasive solvent-type materials or paint remover)

Remove Mildew

Black spots on the surface of your aluminum product may be caused by mildew.  Watch carefully for it, especially on protected surfaces, such as beneath eaves or under patio enclosures.  To eliminate mildew, prepare and apply the following solution:

  • 1/3 cup detergent (i.e. Tide)
  • 2/3 cup tri-sodium phosphate (i.e. Soilax)
  • 3 quarts of water
  • 1 quart 5% sodium hypochlorite (i.e. Clorax)

Mix ingredients together and apply with sponge or cloth to mildewed areas.  Wear protective gloves and avoid contact with skin.


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