Dangers of Shade

Build With Safety In Mind

What are the dangers of shade?  Is there a danger in having to much shade?  When that shade is improperly installed, yes, there could be a danger.

Wind Damaged Awning
The photo at left illustrates one of the dangers of shade.  An awning in need of repairs that were never done.  When the storms roll around, is your shade going to blow off or cave in, damaging property and possibly human life?

It is a good idea to spend some time reviewing local building codes and talking to long time local residents.  Local contractors are also a great source of information.

Here is a very simple list of things to consider.

  • Would it be better to have four barrel clips down each side of a shade screen as opposed to two?
  • When mounting your shade sail, should you go for the heavier tie down straps due to your high wind area?
  • A better way to hold an aluminum awning down is to go from a 12" ground anchor to an 18".
  • A better way to hold an aluminum awning up, from the snow, is to increase the thickness of the roof panels, or add an I-beam.
  • A backyard gazebo is safer when bolted to a concrete slab.
  • Is it better to bolt the awning to the concrete or build the awning first and pour the concrete around the posts?  Pour the concrete first.  Anything you leave in the ground could rot or rust.
  • When mounting a canvas window awning, should you use extra hardware to better secure the awning?

These are just a few things to consider when talking about the dangers of shade.  Shade is a must for most of us homeowners.  Repairs after the storms are not.  See what you can do to build a safer shade.  Make sure you ask all of the right questions so that your contractor builds a shady place without the danger.


damaged awning panels
Aluminum awnings are practically maintenance free, but not completely.  Parts that are in contact with the ground could corrode, over time.  If your posts become unstable in any way, replace them.  It is much less expensive to replace a few column feet than an entire awning.  If the roof panels become unlocked due to a strong wind, get them locked back together or replace them.  Installing a hat section over top of the awning will prevent this from happening again in the future.

awning blown off mobile home
Replacing damaged parts when needed should prevent misfortunes like the one pictured.  There are some storms so bad nothing remains undamaged.  The majority of awning damage, however, can be avoided.


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