Additional Awning Parts

Parts For An Aluminum Awning

This page will be discussing the additional awning parts needed to build a typical aluminum awning.  Special situations require special parts to make things work, parts that may not be included in the standard awning package.

aluminum awning inside clip
Additional awning parts are either the little parts that hold the big parts together or parts used in specialty situations.  Included in the little parts would be the screws, nuts and bolts used to install an awning.  Also included would be the splice for the gutter and safety stakes if the awning is to be anchored in the ground.  You will also need two corners and some flashing to keep it from leaking.

Special situation parts would include aluminum L brackets for connecting I-beams at right angles or to an existing structure.  The hat section used over top of an awning for extra strength would be in this category.

Aluminum awnings are perfect for adding boxed ends to.  A boxed end adds a little more shade to the ends of the awning.  They are constructed out of aluminum 2x2 and aluminum skirting material.  All the material to make a boxed end will be available where ever you purchase your awning.

Aluminum fan beam
Aluminum 2x2 is perfect for attaching or holding most anything.  This material can be used to hold fans, lights, boxed ends and privacy panels of all types.

The aluminum 2x2 is also commonly used as a set back bar.  The columns attach to the setback with a foot or so extending beyond.  This is a good way to extend the awning out past your patio and still use a slab mount for the columns.

2x2 is also used as a support beam running down the middle of the awning, from end to end.  Posts would then connect the 2x2 to the patio.  While this does give plenty of extra support, and allow for longer awning spans, I-beams are more commonly used.  Using an I-beam will allow for longer panel spans and fewer posts in the center of your patio area. The heavier the beam, the less posts, with a 6" I-beam being very common.

If you do not have a concrete slab to attach your posts to you can order ground anchors.  Ground anchors are sometimes call safety stakes.  They get placed into a hole and post hole concrete is used to hold them in place.  A post bracket is bolted to the top of the ground anchor and the post is bolted to that.

Adding Alumawood parts has become common, see the Aluma Wood Rafters link below.  Using parts in other ways than intended is also common.  The Car Cover Construction link shows gutters used upside down.  I-beams could be substituted for upside down gutters, but the gutters are cheaper.

I-beams, steel posts and heavy panels are all needed to snow proof an awning.  Aluminum awnings can be used in areas where snow is expected, they just need beefed up.

There are many little parts used for attaching, or mounting, different things.  Some time spent browsing an awning supply store will turn up many usable gems.

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