Awning Building Tools

What do you need to build an awning?

If you are planning a do it yourself awning you may be wondering what awning building tools you would need to have on hand.  Most of these you probably already have.  If we are talking about an aluminum awning, this is the list.

drill tip for hex head screws
Pictured at right is the tip that goes into your drill for use with the hex head screws needed to build an aluminum awning.


  • A couple of good quality ladders
  • A good quality battery drill, 18 volt or better, or a variable speed electric drill
  • A skill saw with a plywood blade
  • Saw horses
  • Three foot or better level
  • Hand tools - hammer, 7/16" open end wrench, 5/16th" sockets for drills
  • Digging tools if you are using safety stakes
  • Hammer drill if your awning is to be slab mounted

There are a few additional tools in my tool box that get used more than occasionally.  They consist of a

  • chalk line
  • small vice grips
  • flat head and Phillips screw drivers
awning building tools in use


Not a lot is required for a do it yourself awning.  A few tools, the right parts and a good set of instructions.

I would be happy to offer any additional help, just use my contact form.



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