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Some installation applications require parts in addition to the standard awning.  We will go over some of those situations here.  This may help you identify the part you need to make your idea work.  We may also enlighten you to an aspect of aluminum awnings you did not know before.  If you still have questions visit our awnings faq page or contact us anytime.

I beams are used a lot with aluminum awnings.  The most popular uses are that of a set back bar or for the purpose of creating a greater distance between post.  Aluminum awnings can have an overhang off a set back bar of up to 3'.  1' to 2' is more the normal distance but with heavier gauge panels the 3' distance can be obtained.  This is a big help if you want a 12' projection awning over a 10' slab and want the awning slab mounted.  Use an I beam as a set back bar and attach the posts to the concrete slab.  The awning would then overhang the I beam by 2'.  The gutter would be mounted at the end of the panels and the downspouts attached to the posts.  Elbows are used to bring the downspouts from the gutter back to the posts.

Aluminum awning I-beam
When using I beams to increase the distance between posts make sure the beam size is adequate for your desired span.  Commonly used I beams range from 4" to 7".  4" beams can handle post spacing of about 15'.  Larger beams are needed for larger spaces. 

I beams can be ordered in 20' or sometimes 24' lengths.  They are then connected in the field with gutter splices.  When using lighter beams the splicing can be done on the ground as you would the gutter.  When using larger beams you may need to install them one at time and do the connecting in the air.

I beams can also be used for hanging lights and fans from.  For this application we usually attach one end of the beam to the home and the other end to the gutter.  This gives a strong and secure place to attach any number of things.  Another place to use beams is at the peak of a peaked awning.  Panels can be run off both sides of a beam and the top capped with flashing.  Using an I beam down the center of a long projection awning is a great way to add a lot of strength.  

A hat section is another useful awning part.  This is a piece of roll form aluminum that can be installed over the top of an awning.  It would run the length of the awning perpendicular to the panels.  The hat section would then get screwed into the locks of every panel.  This is used to add strength to an awning much like the center I beam but without the need for posts.

The 1 1/2" aluminum tubes, like those that the ornamental columns are made out of, can be used anywhere a little framing is needed.  We use these tubes between the posts to make a framework for attaching screens or other sunshades.  I have seen entire walls, including doors, framed with these useful parts.

Aluminum awning set back bar
Screen room components are used a lot with awnings.  The 2" x 2" screen room extrusion is used as a setback bar.  It is lighter than an I beam and requires the same post spacing as would the awning gutter.  2 x 2 is also used to box the ends of an awning for hanging roll up shades or other types of shade.  This material is heavier than the 1 1/2" tubes and can be used just about anyplace the tubes can.  Screen room slip channel is used to make the clips for attaching the 2x2.

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