Battery Powered Pool Vacuum

Fast And Easy Pool Cleanup

Every pool has a couple of hard to keep clean areas, places where a battery powered pool vacuum would come in handy.  These are the places the automatic pool cleaners are unable to get to.  Under, or around, the pool steps is a good example.  Automatic pool cleaners have always had trouble doing a really good job of cleaning around pool steps.

Another place that pool cleaners tend to miss is the area farthest away from the filter location.  Many automatic pool cleaners would rather not travel that far from home.  A battery powered pool vacuum is the perfect solution for these hard to get to or often neglected places.

Every house has a battery powered mini vacuum plugged into the wall somewhere.  I know I do and it gets used often.  It is so much faster than dragging out the big vacuum just to clean up one small mess.  The battery powered pool vacuum is based on this same principle.  It is always plugged in, therefore it is always charged and ready to go.  It does not connect to the filter so there are no hoses to hook up and prime.  In less than a minute you are cleaning your pool.

Battery-Powered Pool and Spa Vacuum
The pool party starts in twenty minutes.  The pool cleaner has been working all morning and the pool looks great.  All except a few areas that aren't bad, but not as nice as the rest of the pool.  Slap the little pool vacuum on your telescopic pole and in ten minutes the entire pool is spotless.

I'm sure by now you are just dying to know where you can get one of these Battery Powered Pool Vacuums.  I've included a link below to help you out.

These pool vacuums have a reusable bag, just like your handy Black and Decker, that need cleaned on occasion.  The bag traps the dirt, sand, leaves and other pool debris.  It truly does operate completely independent of your filter system making it very fast and easy to use.

When using any kind of hand vacuum with a vinyl lined pool, be careful not to push it into the sidewall with too much force.  It is also not advised to let the sidewall guide the cleaner along the top of the cove.  This unit looks like it would be perfect for cleaning the cove on an above ground pool but it may need just a little extra padding added to the outer edge.

For just over a hundred dollars it would make a handy addition to your above ground pool.


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Based on the Reviews

Based on the reviews would I buy this unit? Yes. It appears to be worth the amount charged and does what it is intended to do.

Most of the negative reviews talk about the small debris bag and the small size of the unit itself. So let's compare the size of your wall hanging Black and Decker and your upright vacuum. That's how they are intended to be used, you do not vacuum your house with the wall mount unit. There were those reviewers that used this vac as their only means of cleaning their smaller pools. But for the most part they are for occasional use for those smaller accumulations of dirt.

Here are some of the many reviews.

There's plenty of suction and it's easy to operate. We have a small pool, so we don't have to empty the debris collector frequently to get the job done. The battery life between charging is also good and overall I'm very happy with my purchase.

Works awesome. love the price. I don't have to hook it up to anything. Just charge it and use it. Would highly recommend. Cleans so much off the bottom of our pool. Must clean filter often if there is a lot of trash. It's very lightweight.

Was Great last summer. I bought this last May and used it all summer. It worked great. I stored it in my house all winter and charged it yesterday to use as we are opening our pool. It showed fully charged but will not turn on. I can't believe it only lasted one season.

This is my second season of ownership for this vacuum and it still turns on and works like when it was new. In terms of performance, I use this as my secondary vacuum for smaller jobs lasting about 10-15 min and still use my traditional suction-side vacuum that attaches to the skimmer for the big jobs, like when you first open the the pool for the season or after a big storm. The bag is just too small for the big cleanups and having to continually empty the bag kind of takes away from the convenience factor. But this thing is great for the smaller day to day cleanups like going after that little bit of crud that collects in the bottom corners of your pool or to touch up before guest arrive for a pool party.

This unit proved it could do the job of cleaning the pool, I also got the fine filter which did a better job of insuring for a clean fool. The battery life is better then expected and I was able to clean and finish without having to recharge. Recharging isn't very long either.

At first impression, I was very disappointed, it is very small. I of course thought I had been suckered again by an inferior product. After using this little guy though, I was very impressed. Has excellent power, and charge lasts through clean up. My issues are with the size of the collection bag and how difficult it is to reattach the vacuum head. Your hands are wet, nothing to grip, sand in the track. Hardest thing was getting it off the extension pole, buttons are stiff. Overall I say thumbs up for the price.

Lasted only 4 months. My wife loved it while it worked. We meticulously followed directions. However, "watertight" seal on the charging end of the device leaked. I opened it today and it had water in it. Now, the vacuum is nothing more than a piece of worthless junk. The concept is great, but the company needs to redesign the way the "watertight" end seals. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!


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