Buying a Used Pool

by Angie
(Kersey, PA)

Your website is really awesome and informative! Thank you. We are looking to buy a used pool and found one that was well taken care of but its about 18 years old- Hayward 24' above ground with the decking and fencing around it for $350.

We are going to go look at it to make sure there is no corrosion etc. Do you think this is to old of a pool to buy used?

Hi Angie

Since the filter, cleaning equipment, fence and decking should easily be worth the 350 you are paying I would say you are probably getting a good deal. The pool is old so I would look at it very closely. At that age it could still be like new, or ready for the scrap pile.

The bottom rails are usually the first to go on an above ground pool. Try to dig out enough dirt to get a close look at them. The connectors are the next thing to go. You could unscrew an upright from the foot connector and take a look in behind it. Did the screw come out OK? Is the connector plate in good shape, did the tabs fall off when you removed the screws? Does the bottom track look like it could be removed from the footplate without falling apart? A close examination behind an upright can tell you a lot about a pool.

If the pool is full of water you will not be able to see the inside of the wall. If it is empty, examine the wall for rust, pull back the cove and check the bottom rail also. With a full pool you will want to pay particular attention to the bottom foot or so of the sidewall. Take the time to pull back, or dig out, anything

that is around the pool. You want to see as much of the wall and bottom track as possible.

In order to properly move an above ground pool the wall should be unbolted and rolled up. Trying to move a pool wall without unbolting it is just wrong, and it's a good way to damage it. So, knowing you will be taking out the wall bolts, locate them and see if they are in good condition. Can they be removed with a screw driver and wrench or are they rusted solid?

Many people buy used pools knowing they will have to buy replacement parts. Then they discover they cannot locate the parts, or they are outrageously expensive. If you know you will be needing parts, locate these parts and get prices on them before you buy the pool.

Be sure to include the cost of a new liner in your figures. Many people are told they can reuse the liner and then find out they can't, so there goes a few hundred dollars that was not in the budget.

21 x 41 Used Doughboy Blue Glacier to sell

by: RK

We have a 21 X 41 Doughboy to sell. It is currently set up and has been maintained. we have all the parts including DE filter (in good working order) and items that have been replaced over the years like hoses and such. There are many extras - stairs, slide, lighting, propane heater, new solar cover. The deal is that the buyer will need to break it down and move it. What would be a fair selling price for this pool? Age is approx. 10 years. The complete setup new was near $10,000.



It is going to depend on the age of the pool, the condition and the market in your area. You might start at 5k and see if you have any interest.

Comments for Buying a Used Pool

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Jan 11, 2015
Used 24' round doughboy copper canyon pool
by: David

Hi, I have a doughboy 24' round Copper Canyon pool I am selling. Bought new 7 years ago, only had to have pinhole in liner repaired, all original equipment. I have maintained the pool and pump well, covered it every winter.

How much should I ask for it? Paid about 8K installed for it.


Hi David

There is really no way for me to say for sure, it all depends on what the market will bear. A pool in working condition, at the beginning of pool season, is much more valuable. A rough estimate for a pool that age is $1000.00.

Jul 21, 2015
Looking for rk
by: zs

I saw your posting. I happen to be looking for a 21 41 blue glacier to either repair or replace my existing pool. I am told this pool is no longer available for parts.

Thanks, Zs

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Buying a Used Pool

by Rosa VanBibber
(Clinton Township, MI)

We are considering the purchase of a used above ground pool. It is 24 feet round 4 feet deep. I know it needs a new liner already. My question is if we take this pool down (the current owners want it out) do we have to put it back up right away or can it be stored till spring when we will have more time to do it?

Could that damage the pool somehow? Again I will be putting in a new liner anyway so we won't have to worry about dry rot.

Thanks, Rosa

Hi Rosa

You will not have any problems storing your pool over the winter. The liner could be purchased anytime and stored also. As long as the liner remains in the box it will store for many years and still be usable. Keep it as dry as possible and it should be good to go in the spring.

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Buy A Used Doughboy Pool

by Phil

Deep End in Used Pool

Deep End in Used Pool

I'm about to maybe buy a used 2 year old large (18X38) Doughboy pool with deck, pump, filter and all the accessories. Main problem with this I see is that it's sat drained/empty for about 4 weeks, with it being full of dirt and the deep end has some green/algae water in it. If I get this I'll probably not use the deep end feature though.

The owners have never cut the liner for size or anything so much of it all the way around overhangs the outside walls at least about 3 feet. So there's plenty of "room" on the liner in case any shrinkage may have occurred. I have more pics too if needed, and in the above one all that gray bit is solid DIRT and I think alkaline, etc.

I'm wondering if this liner is salvageable and/or what's the best way to clean all the dirt and muck without damaging the liner? Local Doughboy dealer says NO acid, but says he has a cleaning solution we could use, etc.

thanks, Phil

Hi Phil

A plain blue flat bottom 20 gauge liner would be so inexpensive to purchase. The cheapest liner you could find would be a big improvement over trying to use the old one. For a little more money you could buy a Doughboy, 20 mil UD liner. Then you would have, what I consider, is the best liner made. One that will last you ten years or better.

You will never be able to clean the liner to the point where it looks decent. The area that has been stretched into the deep area will shrink and wrinkle like crazy. You will very likely have a very wrinkly, dirty mess.

If you are able to clean it and want to reuse it I would recommend gluing large patches over the skimmer and return openings. This would allow you to stretch the liner into place and possibly keep the wrinkles to a minimum.

In my opinion the garbage can is the best place for that liner. A new one will make the whole job so much easier and you will get it done a lot quicker.

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1st Time Used Above Ground Pool Buyer

I am looking to buy a 28 ft round 52 inch deep used above ground swimming pool. The pool is currently running and is being sold with all the accessories, included a saltwater filtration system. The pool has a small amount of rust towards the bottom of one side. The pool is about 5 years old. What is your recommendation on what the pool is worth?

Thank you very much for your help!

A confused buyer.

Hi Confused Pool Buyer

You need to consider the cost of buying a new liner as you will not be able to use the one that is in there currently. Liners shrink when the pool is emptied making older liners unusable. I don't like installing used liners of any age; new ones go in so much nicer. But if a customer insists on using the used one I won't touch anything over two years.

You then need to consider the cost of taking down the pool, moving it, and reinstalling it. If you are doing this all yourself your expenses will be minimal. You will have to buy the sand for the pool base and anything else the pool may need, like maybe new coping, filter hoses or any other little parts and pieces.

I would try to buy the pool for five hundred dollars or less. Depending on the market in your area it may be worth more or less. I assume you have been checking prices and looking at several used above ground pools so you have a point of reference.

You may also want to read some more of my comments about used pools, used liners and moving above ground pools.

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The best advice I can give is not to pay too much for a pile of pool parts like this. It is much better to see the pool up and running.

used pool parts

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