Where could you use one?

A Canopy can be used in many ways.  At home they are great for protecting cars, boats and other vehicles.  Take one camping to cover a table and protect your camping gear from the weather.  Sporting events and outdoor flea markets are also great places to use canopies.

Pop Up Canopy
There are two types of basic canopies.  The one at left is a square pop up type.  They are fast and easy to set up, and provide an ample amount of shade and rain protection.


10 Leg Outdoor Shade Canopy
This is the other type of canopy, the rectangle shape that requires a lot more assembly but offers more shade and protection from the elements.  These types of portable shade are made with different sizes and thicknesses of tubing.  When comparing prices, check all the different variables.  Don't assume the hundred dollar shade structure is made with the same material as the two hundred dollar one, usually they are not.

You may also be interested in the many accessories that can added to most canopies.  These would include the doors, windows, side panels, lights, fans and more.  Make sure you have all the options needed to get the most use out your portable shade unit.

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